Amali Perera

I am responsible, self motivated, enthusiastic learner. I like researches which has social impact. I am a positive thinker and like to be assertive. I am keen and willing to learn and develop new skills, and explore new things.

Email: maiperera93@gmail.com
Phone: +94 713646879
Course: CS

Interests: Data analytics, Computational biology, machine learning, Natural language processing, Artificial intelligence, Digital Forensics

Technical Skills: R, Python, Docker, C, Java, SQL, Octave, PHP

Project Experience

Funeral management system – 2016 : Web based funeral management system including stock
management system used RFID technology.

Leo Club Colombo Fort – 2018 : Web based system for leo club of Colombo fort to keep members and
community uptodate about ongoing projects and to promote club activities and recruit new members

Information management system – 2017 : Web based system to automate an application form of army
to insert, edit, search and print the details of members

Web based restaurant management system – 2015 : Web based system that handles online
reservations and tracking down the nearby branches

Work Experience

  • Scientific Assistant – Centre for Digital Forensics, UCSC | 2017 Aug – 2018 Jan

Achievements | Awards

  • Vice president at Leo Club Colombo Fort | 2018 – 2019
  • Nominated for the UCSC best project of the year | 2016
  • Participate IEEExtreme 10.0 | 2016 and IEEExtreme 9.0 | 2015.
  • Participate Hackerholicks | 2016

Final Year Project

Meta analysis of genomic and expression data in Endometrial cancers

Cancer is a genetic level disease which will be different one person to another which go against to the principal of medicine. To make efficient the therapeutics and reduce the toxicity it is necessary to identify the hidden patterns in molecular level. To identify these hidden patterns use efficient machine learning and data analysis techniques