Apigate, a subsidiary of Axiata Digital and itself part of regional powerhouse, the Axiata Group, has an established track record in the API platform business. Having begun life as MIFE (Mobile Internet Fulfilment Exchange) in 2014, Apigate has grown from strength-to-strength.

Last year, Apigate served 3.1 billion users and connected more than 100+ MNOs, and over 200 merchants. Apigate has over 100 employees and has offices in four continents – Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. And it counts amongst its clients some of the most renowned customers in today’s Internet marketplace.

Apigate enables developers around the world – who could be content and services providers, MNOs, small-medium enterprises, and startups – to reach their consumers via Apigate’s API platform called ApigateHub

Using APIs to connect to Apigate, developers need no longer connect individually with a range of customers. Whether you’re a developer from a payment provider, over-the-top player, Internet services provider, or MNO, you can simply and securely connect to ApigateHub and get immediate access to an API marketplace, which can enhance sales and business reach for all parties within that marketplace.

Some of the world’s most renowned brands have successfully utilised Apigate’s Gateway platform to advance their businesses. Apigate’s services comprises six very secure accessible APIs – Direct Carrier Billing; Voice; Messaging; Identity; Location; and Mobile Money – all of which are designed to help customers connect their business critical applications together, help them achieve rapid growth and monetise their digital assets.