Bhasura Gunawardhana

Extremely supportive team player seeking for an opportunity where I could make innovative creations by combining both my creative skills and programming knowledge.

Email: bhasuras@gmail.com
Phone: 0713018948
Course: CS

Interests: R & D, CG Modeling & Simulation, IOT, Machine Learning, Game
Development, Observational Astronomy, Script writing, Directing.

Technical Skills: C++, Java, C#, Python, OpenGL, GLSL, DirectX, OpenCV,
Verilog, VHDL, Arduino, PHP, JS, D3.js, Three.js, Angular, NgxCharts, Node.js,
Feathers, SQL, Unity 2D/3D, Unreal Engine, 3D Max, Maya, ZBrush, Adobe
Premier pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Project Experience

LOL GAME: Simple mobile game where players can make characters laugh by tapping.
MEASURE WIRE: IOT device and a mobile application where we can take our everyday measurements.
GAME OF THOUGHTS: 3D multiplayer game based on cellular automata theory “Game of life”.
OFFICE OVERVIEW: Office management system for Panadura base hospital.
BAMBOO GAME: 3D Multiplayer online battle arena game.
SIMS: Private institute management system.
MOBILE STROBOSCOPY: Vocal cords vibration pattern visualization, real time video processing application.

Work Experience

R&D Engineering Internship Synopsys, Inc. 2017 Aug – 2018 Jan.
Research & development of electronic design automation tools.
(C / C++ / Verilog / VHDL / Machine Learning / Linux / Vim / Python / Shell Scripting / GDB / Perforce)

Achievements | Awards

2nd Runner-up – Microsoft Imagine Cup Sri Lanka 2015, Games Category.
1st Runner-up – Microsoft Imagine Cup Sri Lanka 2016, Innovation Category.
Finalist – Microsoft Imagine Cup Sri Lanka 2016, Games Category.
Spiralation 2017 – “ILUSO GAMES” got selected for the batch of 2017 of the startup program organized by ICTA.
Asst. chairman, Drama Society / Chairman, Astronomical Society / Senior Prefect – Royal College Colombo 07.

Final Year Project

Real-time simulation of twining plants (C++, OpenGL, GLSL, Three.js).

Simulation models based on twining plant behavior is important because of its scientific and practical applications such as automation of virtual world vegetation modeling, growing foods for astronauts, scientific experiments on growing plants on limited spaces to get optimal cultivation, and robotic arm developments. This research aims to synthesize a biologically and biomechanically accurate climbing plant simulation model for real-time simulations and critically evaluate its behavioral realism and computational efficiency.