Buddhika Dahanayake

Dedicated and result oriented person with inbuilt leadership qualities. Always a good team player who can take responsibilities and take any challenge. Friendly and a fun person.

Email: nuwandahanayake03@gmail.com
Course: SE

Interests: Cricket, Badminton, Music, Movies, Marketing

Technical Skills: Java, Python, Angular2, Typescript, MySQL, Prolog

Project Experience

A Point of Sales (POS) system developed for Perera and Sons bakers (Bambalapitiya branch) to manage their daily sales information. This is a stand-alone system with the capability of producing alerts for stock reduction.

An advanced inventory management system developed for The Leaf & Spice Co. to carefully manage their special needs with inventory and order placements. The system is also capable of keeping history records and report generation.

Production line automation system for MAS Nirmaana to Keep track of all the items in the production line and handle the stocks, orders and all other manual stuff.

Work Experience

Software Engineer intern – nCinga Innovations (Pvt) Ltd (Sep-2016 to Jan-2017).
Co–Founder – Fyra.lk (Online Market Place)
Banking Trainee – Bank Of Ceylon, Yakkalamulla (Jan-2013 to Jul-2013).

Achievements | Awards

  • Participated in the IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 9.0,10.0 (Team Name – error404)
  • Participated in ACES Coders v5.0

Final Year Project

A Framework for Secure Software Engineering

The project is to build a framework to infer the association between security bugs and the design flaws by using a knowledge modeling based approach, in order to build secure software. The knowledge model will be built using the STRIDE Threat Categorization model and the OWASP Top 10. By using the framework, root causes of a security bug (which will lie in the design phase) can be identified and this will aid in improving the security quality factor of the software. (Based on the “Building Security In Paradigm” by Gary McGraw and Microsoft Trustworthy Computing).