Chalith Desaman

I am a fast learner who is confident to accept new challenges in programming. I love to help others in their difficulties in coding, which I believe will add up knowledge and practice to what I already know. I also engage in social activities and charity work at my leisure time while I have a passion towards artistic work.

Email: desaman.chalith@gmail.com
Phone: 0710899455
Course: CS

Interests: Coding in free time, Participating in charity work, Travelling

Technical Skills: JavaSE/EE, PHP, Python, C#, ASP.NET, NodeJS, Angular
5, SQL Server, MySQL

Project Experience

● HelpMe – Charity website for donors to make donations for children with needs. It includes online donation facility and interactive social base for donors with chat interface. Implemented using php codeigniter.
● SixthGear – Website for a garage which repairs vehicles, sells vehicles and spare parts. It includes customer portal to view vehicles and spare parts and functionality to reserve orders. Implemented with Angular 5 and the REST API is implemented with NodeJS and Express.
● FindYourRaft – Social website for adventure and rafting activity providers and their customers in Kitulgala area. It includes package booking system for customers, package rating system and chat interface.
Implemented using php codeigniter.
● EMidwify – Website to automate work carried out by midwives. It includes scheduling system for clinics and house visits, google maps embedded locating system, vaccination dosage and thriposha amount calculating system and SMS alerting system. Implemented using JavaEE.

Work Experience

● Software Engineer Intern at Geveo Australasia (Pvt) Ltd, (Aug 2017 – Jan 2018)

Achievements | Awards

● Diploma in Software Engineering – ESOFT Metro Campus
● Participation – SLIIT Codefest 2015
● Participation – CodeSprint v1.0
● Participation – CodeSprint v2.0
● Participation – iHACK 2015
● Participation – IEEEXtreme 9.0
● Participation – IEEEXtreme 10.0

Final Year Project

Investigation of social media digital footprints on tourist destinations

This project is focused on providing a tourist destination recommendation using social media users opinion and their visiting patterns. This extracts social media feeds which are created by tourists after visiting tourist destinations and obtain visitors opinion on those tourist destinations from the social media feeds in order to create a aspect based rating. Density map of geotagged social media feeds is created to obtain points of interests in order to study visiting patterns of the tourists. This takes sentiment analysis based approach to obtain visitors opinion and visitors density based approach to obtain visiting patterns.