Chamara Liyanage

I am seeking a full-time position in the field of software engineering. Creative, highly organised candidate, fluent in the design, development, and can perform as a good agile team player. Looking forward to apply the experience gained in computer science and software engineering domains to real practical use. Keen to work with industry professionals and face challenges.

Course: SE

Interests: Java programming, Distributed computing, learning new technologies, playing piano, watching Sci-fi movies, playing PC games.

Technical Skills: Java, Java EE, C#, C, python, java script, MySQL, MongoDB, Hibernate, Spring, Maven, Jersey, Struts2.

Project Experience

Resource Gantt development for IFS R&D International (Pvt) Ltd
It’s a resource distribution visualization Gantt developed in .Net C# with Netronics XGannt API.

AHTMS (Automatic Highway Traffic Management System)
A Java RMI project to monitor vehicle flow, allocate service vehicles, calculate fines, identify vehicles using ANPR. Factory, Observer, Façade and singleton design patterns were used.

SMS (Student Management System) for UCSC. A java EE project.
Automatic transcript generation, GPA calculation, student progress tracking and barcode integrated attendance marking are some cool features introduced

Java SE project for Interior work flow management system Southern Engineering-Galle
Singleton design pattern and MVC architectural pattern were used. Jasper reports are used for report generation.

FLAD (Framework for Linguistic Application Development) final year project.

Work Experience

6 months’ internship training at IFS R&D International (Pvt) Ltd. Worked on an interior project called activity Gantt development and resource Gantt development. .NET C# 6.0, Netronic XGantt API, subversion VC, agile SCRUM practice.

Achievements | Awards

• Southern Provincial Road Development Authority acceptance on (Automatic Highway Traffic Management System)
• Prefect (ST. Aloysius’ College Galle)
• Pianist (Senior choir ST. Aloysius’ College Galle)
• Member (CompSoc UCSC)
• Athlete (Under 15 championships and 3rd place in provincial level)

Final Year Project

FLAD (Framework for Linguistic Application Development)

Our final year project is to build a hybrid framework to support the linguistic application developers by integrating and mediating linguistic application components like optical character recognition, speech to text, automatic speech recognition and text translation and expose the service as a RESTful web service. FLAD core structure is designed with component architecture to support plug and play functionality and to support many QoS attributes. The core is designed using abstract factory and builder design patterns. FLAD deployment architecture is client-server architecture and communication architecture is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Backend is Java EE with Jersey (JAX-RX specification) + maven project management utility, Database is Mogo DB, Front-end is react + redux + Material UI, 3rd party components like Mary TTS, Google tesseract OCR, Google Language translation service, Google vision API, CmuSphinx speech recognition and google speech API.