Dilanka Perera

An enthusiastic undergraduate who dedicatedly strive towards the success of the organization’s vision whilst enhancing new and prevailing skills.

Email: dilankanadperera@gmail.com
Phone: 0712719895
Course: IS

Interests:Business Analysis, Solution Development, UI/UX Designing, Front-end Development, Financial Management, Volunteering, Sports, Travelling

Technical Skills: Python, C#, PHP(Codeigniter), HTML, CSS, MySQL

Project Experience

Gzone Technologies | E-commerce site and mobile application for both customers and agents
Prince Fashions | Online job recruitment system
YouPark ( ihack 2.0 Hackathon) | Vehicle parking management system to find the nearest and most convenient parking slot
Prarthana (Haxmas Hackathon) | Organ Donation Management System

Work Experience

• Intern Business Analyst | CAM Management Solutions (Pvt) Ltd | 2018 Sep – 2019 Feb

Achievements | Awards

• University of Colombo Colours Award for Hockey | 2019
• University of Colombo Colours Award for Hockey | 2018
• University of Colombo Colours Award for Hockey | 2017
• Finalist, Best Industrial Training Award, UCSC
• Finalist, HaxmaxHackathon organized by the RotaractClubofIIT | 2018
• Finalist, iHack2.0Hackathon organized by UCSC ISACA Student Group | 2017
• IEEExtreme10.0 – TeamCyproXtreme (Country Rank: 49 | World Rank: 392)

Final Year Project

Identification of side-channel vulnerabilities in surveillance camera footage: Inferring security-sensitive keyboard inputs

• It is the general practice to place surveillance camera systems with the objective of enhancing security. However, it can be observed that there are security and privacy risks in relation to the application. Thus, this research is conducting to show that the surveillance cameras might be vulnerable to vision-based side-channel attacks by demonstrating an approach to manually and automatically infer the typed inputs on the keyboard from camera footage of the typing process. For this approach, it is considering the PIN entry process of an ATM scenario. A Proof-of-concept (POC) is designing to infer keyboard inputs using footage automatically, thus revealing related vulnerabilities.