Dinindu Kanchana

A very hard working, dedicated, result oriented programmer, enthusiastic about innovative ideas and to learn and apply new technologies. Keen on enhancing current technical expertise and looking for a challenging career in software engineering. I strongly believe my skills would assist me in any job and a task i'm assigned to.

Email: dinindukanchana@gmail.com
Course: SE

Interests: Web Engineering, SOA, Algorithms, Parallel Computing, Big Data, Clean code

Technical Skills: Java, Java EE, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Redux, Jersey, Laravel, Python Flask, Docker, MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, OOP, Design Patterns, Git, Maven, Vim

Project Experience

U Survey – MongoDB, Express, Angularjs, Nodejs
Online Survey conducting platform for UCSC, developed using MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angularjs, Nodejs) stack as 2nd year group project.

Emjay – Python flask, ffmpeg library, JWT, Docker.
A utility for converting videos into different formats which are supported by different web browsers. It also serves the relevant media file to clients. It was developed to integrate with Guru.lk

ACRC Private Survey Module – Laravel, React.js, Redux.js, Redux form, React DnD, Axios, Material UI, Docker, SQL, Rest
Aged Care Report Card (ACRC) is a directory of aged care services in Australia. The aim of the project was to provide a survey platform for the ACRC which should be integrated with the existing website.

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern – Thinkcube Systems (Pvt) Ltd. (September 2016 to February 2016)

Final Year Project

Development of applications related to human languages is correlated with the concepts such as Text to speech (TTS), Speech to text (STT), Optical character recognition (OCR) and Language Translation. When developers need to begin an application related to linguistics, they need to develop these features from scratch or consume them from different libraries/web services. It adds a huge overhead to the development process and involves high cost. Our project is to present a framework which exposes Text to speech (TTS), Speech to text (STT), Optical character recognition (OCR) and Language Translations as RESTful web services.