Dinusha Weerakoon

Dinusha Weerakoon

An enthusiastic, quick learner and team player. interested in mobile app developments, arduino programming. Well carom player!

E-mail: dinushaweerakoon92@gmail.com | phone: +94711221070 | Course: SE

I am enthusiastic, quick learner and good player in both team and self-directed settings. I am self-motivated to take challenges with problem solving skills. I am excellent in working with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence.

Interests: Java programming, Mobile development, Arduino programming

Technical Skills: Java, C, python, HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Windows, Linux, Codeigniter, Bootstrap, Github, BitBucket, Redmine, SonarQube, CppDepend, Micro services, DevOps, Arduino

Project Experience

Automate design decisions of refactoring and restructuring standalone legacy system to browser
This is theory based software Engineering project to automate design decisions of desktop to web conversion.

Moblie 4E English learning applications
3 mobile applications and one mobile game to learn English language.

Student Interaction Sytem for UCSC
This is a web based system to improve the interaction among UCSC undergraduates, graduated students.

Work Experience

Mobile Learning Research Group, UCSC (11/08/2015- 11/02/2015): Worked as a Mobile app developer. Developed 3 mobile English learning applications and one mobile game.

Achievements | Awards

• Awarded at Colors awards ceremony in 2015 for inter university carom colors.
• Member of second runners up women’s team in 2015 and Member of First runners up women’s team in 2014 of all Island inter university carom tournament held by University of Kelaniya. Sri Lanka.

Final Year Project

Automate design decisions of refactoring and restructuring standalone legacy system to browser.

This is theory based software engineering project. In this project, the automate design for some steps of standalone to web converting with reusing the legacy system will be purposed. We are going to do this project with separating the UI of the legacy system and plug the new web UI. We hope to implement a set of tools to automate some steps of this conversion. Currently we decided to automate the separating UI and business logic of the legacy system and deciding the best place for implementing functionalities is server side or browser side. For the standalone system to web conversion, we hope to separate UI of the legacy system and then plug the new web UI using web socket connection and API. My part of the project is identify methods to automate the identifying business logic and UI codes in an unstructured system and separate them and refactor the system. For the implementation API to invoke methods in legacy system will be developed by me.

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