Dulaj Sanjaya

Person who interested in team working and have ability to encourage others in team working.

Email: dulaj.san@gmail.com
Phone: +94711203219
Course: CS

Interests: Blockchain, Smart Contracts ,Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Cyber Security

Technical Skills: java, javascript,html, bootstrap, angularjs, python, c, c++, ionic 2, Flask, Codeigniter, symfony, laravel, Nodejs, R, Matlab, mongodb, mysql, git, docker, arduino

Project Experience

SMS – Web based system to manage student details, results and exam details of BIT degree programme at ucsc.

CEA – web based Complaint management system for Central Environmental authority.

HelpMe – web based system to register poor children and manage donations.

CleanCity – Cross platform mobile app as solution to waste (garbage) problem in sri lanka.

TrainMate – Cross platform mobile app to track the location of trains in sri lanka.

SaveLanka – Web based system to manage resources and responsibilities at disaster incidents.

DocChannel – Supervised learning based solution to predict disease of a patient using symptoms.

Cancer Detection – CNN based solution to detect possibility of having a cancer using mole images.

Business Card Reader – Extract text from business cards using OCR.

Microsoft Word Add-In – Tool to automate the validations of linguistic reviewing for documentation

Work Experience

  • Internship at IFS R&D International (Pvt) Ltd | Aug 2017- Jan 2018
  • web developer at Lamrin Technologies | Aug 2014 – Jan 2015

Achievements | Awards

  • National Cyber Security week – Hacking Challenge 2017, CERT – 1st Runner up
  • IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 9.0 – Country Rank – 117
  • IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 10.0 – Country Rank – 100

Final Year Project

Blockchain based approach for secure e-voting system

For a democratic country public opinion is the most determinant to establish a government or selecting a person to represent a group. Voting is the process which express their opinion. This research is a proof of concept targeted at evaluating the application of blockchain as a service to implement distributed electronic voting system using smart contracts of Ethereum Blockchain. Main objective of this research is to implement an e-voting framework that facilitates to protect the privacy of the voter using a Zero knowledge proof.
Technologies used : Smart Contract , Uport Mobile app, Ganache Blockchain Simulator, Rinkeby test net,
Truffle framework, Solidity programming language, Html,javascript, web3js