Dulitha Perera

I am an enthusiastic Information Systems Undergraduate and a good team player willing to go the extra mile along with my team in order to successfully achieve any challenge we are given.

Email: dulithaperera94@gmail.com
Phone: 0777842163
Course: IS

Interests:Data Analytics, DevOps, Networking, Quality Assurance, Business Analyst, Animals & Nature

Technical Skills: PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, Laravel, Ajax, jQuery, MySQL, MSSQL, Linux (Ubuntu)

Project Experience

Platelet Donor Management System for Maharagama Cancer Hospital Blood Bank ( 2017)
• A web application to automate the platelet donor management process of the Hospital
• Requirements gathering and designing of the system
• Developed the backend and front end of ‘waiting queues of donors’
• Developed using PHP, Codeigniter, CSS, Bootstrap and MySQL

Work Experience

Trainee Business Analyst at Vizuamatix Pvt Ltd (2018 September – 2019 February)

Customer Request on Vizuamtix Charging Gateway
• Designing the integration of new features requested by the customer into the system
• Design and preparation of work flow diagrams and documents
Feature enhancement Project on vxPCC
• Proposing solutions to increase the efficiency of the currently available services in the system
• Proposing new feature enhancements to be made available via vxPCC system with the new capabilities it gained through the DPI implementation.
• Preparation of documents and presentations
Customer Request on OSS Portal
• Proposing solutions to integrate new customer requests into the application
• Designing of solutions and Preparation of the SRS documents
Invoicing System for internal use
• Requirements gathering and designing of the system
• Preparation of Documents ( SRS document, Interface design)
• Database Design and Development of the system using Laravel, Bootstrap, MySQL, jQuery and Ajax
• A system to monitor the traffic within a network
• Performed user requirement identification and a feasibility study using available prototype
• Performed decoding and analyzing of data provided by the prototype using mysql workbench

Achievements | Awards

• President’s Scout Award (2012)
• Troop Leader of Maris Stella College Negombo (2012)
• 1st Runners Up – Rugby – Fresher’s Meet 2016
• Participated in IEEEExtreme 10.0 competition (2016)

Final Year Project

An Exploratory Analysis on Information Systems in Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka: A Security Perspective

• Research mainly focus on the information security threats on financial institutions posed by tech savvy insiders with knowledge and access to the backend process and systems of a financial institution.
• The Research takes a database approach where, it tries to understand the perspective of a tech savvy insider and the opportunities presented by a database to a tech savvy insider to breach information security.
• Research intends to identify such issues and the root causes behind those issues and propose solutions to mitigate the risks posed by those issues.
• Research also aims to provide a tool and guidelines in the analysis of the database for possible security issues.