Dulmina Renuke

I am interested in a competitive and challenging environment, where I can use my academic, professional and personal skills to serve your organization to meet and surpass its goals.

Email: rdulmina@gmail.com
Phone: 0771567974
Course: CS

Interests:R & D, Machine Learning,IoT,Carrom

Technical Skills: Keras, Tensorflow, NodeJs, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Python/Java, C/C++

Project Experience

MidiQ-Code Fest(2017)
A mobile application and a web system which allows the patient to make appointments online and get instant notifications such as the current consulting number.

Robot to solve a maze and identify the color of a box,pick it up and go through the correct path according to the color of the box.
Smart Kubura-Mobitel NB-IoT(2018)
IoT project to control the water level of paddy fields.
A web-based platform developed using PHP based on the crowdsourcing concept, where people can post their day-to-day problems, and get solutions.
Doctor Smarty-MEDHACK(2017)-Game
Android game to improve the first aid knowledge of common people.
SKM-2nd Year Group Project
Web-based inventory and purchase control system for the sole agent of Dunlop tires in Srilanka S.K.Munasingha Motors. Developed Using PHP.
Miniworld- Individual Project
Simple website for a client who supplies entertainment items and event planning. The web site is hosted as www.miniworldlk.com
Hospital Management System
Individual mini Java project for the 2nd year java subject.
Lab Reservation System
Individual mini project developed using MEAN Stack for the 3rd year advance web subject.
Bubble Double-Game-Dialog GameHunt(2017)
Bubble tapping game developed using Unity.

Work Experience

Intern at Ayra Analytics
5 months of working experience as a data scientist intern. I was assigned to the R&D team. My project is to build a machine learning model to generate SQL queries from natural language given a database.
We have released several versions of the model using supervised learning and did a demonstration to other teams. We have tried reinforcement learning as well.
Information and Communication Technology Agency (Sri Lanka)
Contributed for the Help To Code program organized by ICTA to improve coding skills of school children. I was assigned to Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo.

Achievements | Awards

• University Colors Award Holder-University of Colombo(2017,2018,2019).
• 1st place twice in Science Exhibition 2007 & 2008 organized by science society of President’s College Kotte.
• Distinction award in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2012 organized by Royal Australian Chemical Institute.
• Selected for the 8th final list out of 40 teams for the best software product award of the University Of Colombo School Of Computing (2017).
• Awarded at MEDHACK 2017 organized by Mobitel Innovation Center selecting for top 5 finalists.
• Awarded at Codefest 2017 organized by Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT)selecting for top 10 finalists.
• Awarded at hackX 2k17 organized by Faculty Of Science, University Of Kelaniya (UOK)selecting for top 15 finalists.
• 2nd runners up of Inter-University carrom championship 2018.

Final Year Project

Deep reinforcement learning approach to minimize traffic congestion with emergency facilitation.

Deep reinforcement learning model to control traffic lights at a 4way junction by using simulated real-time traffic data and giving the priority to emergency vehicles.