Enactor to date has built a market-leading suite of products for Omni-Channel in the Retail and Hospitality sectors. Standing on our own unique platform and change tools of technology, Enactor’s USP is the both highly functional and innately flexible nature of the applications.

Today Enactor spans three countries with offices in Hertford (UK), Charlotte (US) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) selling first rate software to chains anywhere in the world. In the larger markets Enactor works shoulder to shoulder with major partners such as NCR (EMEA) and Pomoroy (US). Currently Enactor has implemented software systems across the UK, US and Europe.

Enactor was founded with a vision to build a new class of retail system: one that would give retailers real control over their destiny. Continual innovation – the creation of new function, new customer value propositions and the deployment of new channels – should not require major development or additional licence purchases but should instead be accomplished with a genuinely agile retail system. Enactor is the embodiment of that vision.