Gamage Hasitha Lakmal

Gamage Hasitha Lakmal

An entrepreneur who is very keen about new technologies and ideas. I'm self-driven, highly motivated person who always work hard.

E-mail: | phone: +94717584227 | Course: SE

I am self-driven, highly motivated person who always work hard. My strengths are inbuilt leadership qualities and ability to take responsibilities. I will constantly challenge myself to exceed expectations and deliver results. And also a good team worker and prefer on self-study. I like to apply my knowledge and creativity to obtain personal experience as well as organization goals.

Interests: Software Engineering, Programming, Social Srvice

Technical Skills: Java , HTM5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Java script, jQuery, Angular JS, PHP, Code Igniter, Slim3, Hibernate, Spring, Spring boot, Jersey, AspectJ, JUnit, TestNG, Maven, Ant, Python, C, C++, C#, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, neo4j, Sparql, Protégé, MySQL work bench, Microsoft SQL management studio, Oracle SQL developer, RoboMongo, Apache Jena, Jenkins, JIRA, SonarQube, Trello, GIT, Joomla, Word Press, Moodle, Jasper soft I reporter, Crystal Reports, Selenium, JMeter, Microsoft Project, Mind jet, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw

Project Experience

SQL & Java Study Tool named Code Mage – Java EE
Developed balanced scorecard data collection system with BSCReporter & BSCCollect in CEB (Java EE)
Developed Flood Informing System (HydroMD) with Arduino, Java EE, MongoDB
Natural Language Processing & Natural Language generation Project – Python
School Management System for Siri Vidurunana Dahampasala named SVD – PHP
Developed a School Management Information System as 2nd year project at University
Developing several real websites using CMS for my clients
Developing small apps for fun (about 20) – (Please check them with my GitHub –
Developed a temperature converter with Java SE.
Developed a GPA Calculator
Developed an app for Diffie-Hellman – illustrates Diffie Hellman’s key exchange.

Work Experience

Founder & C.E.O of Smile24 Expert Solutions
Worked as Software Engineer (Intern) at Ceylon Electricity Board
Worked at V FM in news reporting and reading (2011-2012)
Worked as a director of my own tuition class (2011-2014)

Achievements | Awards

• The 1st Sri Lankan recipient of Ven. Madihe Pangngasiha Founder Award for National, Religious & Literary service.
• Selected as the best student of the year in Lumbini Vidyalaya.
• High Distinction at the Mathematics Olympiad

Final Year Project

RIP – Code Automation Project for RESTful Web Services

RIP is a software tool which provide a downloadable full project file which include REST service API, client side web application (with validations), SQL file of the database, documentation of the REST service API, test report, simple REST client tester; when user provides the Programming language of his choice, Application Server, REST framework, Authentication type, DBMS, client side user interface theme, RIP data diagram of the intended system,etc. The uniqueness of our tool is providing the flexibility to choose any programming language, REST framework, DBMS, UI theme, Testing framework, Authentication type as the preference of the user.

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