Gayani Rupasinghe

An open minded, ambitious, responsible and hardworking individual who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible, at any given task. I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and improve my skills.

Email: gayanisrupasinghe@gmail.com
Phone: 0718908607
Course: IS

Interests:Bioinformatics,Data Analytics,Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Technical Skills: Selenium, TestNG, Python, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, R

Project Experience

Clinic Patient Scheduling System – Developer | 2017
A system to help the Diabetic Clinic of National Hospital, to manage patient records while minimizing the inconvenience of the patients. (Node.js, Express JS, MySQL)
Ask Guru Q & A – Developer | 2018
A forum for the online community of G.C.E.(A/L) ICT students, to discuss academic related problems of ICT subject they are facing while sharing knowledge. (HTML, PHP, JS)

Work Experience

• Software Quality Assurance Engineer Intern – X-ONT Software (Pvt.) Ltd.| August 2018 – February 2019

Achievements | Awards

• Certified in Software Quality Assurance using Test Automation Frameworks | University of Colombo School of Computing | 2018
• Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer – Training | Esoft Metro Campus – Colombo | 2017
• Participated in IEEE Xtreme programming competition 10.0 | 2016
• Participated in SHECODERess v1.0 | 2017

Final Year Project

Computer Assisted Language Learning for Dyslexic students | 2019 – Present

• Dyslexia is a common neurobiological based learning disorder among students, which involves difficulties in reading, writing and spelling. In Sri Lanka we are using only Individualized Education Programs (IEP) or traditional pen and paper based teaching methods to treat dyslexic students while different computer based technical approaches are used effectively in foreign countries. Our attempt is to introduce a game based learning model to improve the learning abilities of dyslexic students in Sri Lanka while addressing their two main problems; auditory processing difficulties and visual processing difficulties.