Harinda Samarasekara

A highly motivated & hardworking undergraduate, who undertakes tasks with commitment & responsibility. A person with versatility to new environments & technologies and likes to challenge himself with continuous improvements in technological and soft skills.

Email: samarasekara.harinda@gmail.com  
Phone: 0774381270
Course: IS

Interests:Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Cloud Technologies, DevOps, Information Security, Computer Vision, R&D, Open Source Software

Technical Skills: Java SE/EE, JavaFX, PHP Codeigniter, Python, OpenCV

Project Experience

Virtusa (During the internship period):
● Centroid Studio 2.0 (Main project during the internship) – Full Stack Development of some core functionalities of Centroid Studio 2.0 (Test automation tool)
● Mailhub 2.0 – A Server component, to grab incoming email objects from test script execution machines, creates the email and communicates with the smtp server.
● API layer for Centroid 2.0 – Control Center
● Automation Migrator tool – Convert projects from Centroid 1.0 to Centroid 2.0
● Technical support provided to RPA FLEX team – For Centroid 2.0 and Centroid 1.0 Migration

News-Together – Correspondent and news management system (2nd year group project):
● News Management Module (Web) – Full Stack (PHP Codeigniter, Bootstrap, MySQL)
● API to communicate between the database and the mobile app (PHP)
● Database design, & implementation (MySQL)
● Deployment to AWS EC2 and AWS RDS

Freelance Projects:
● CRM Modifications at Carrier Select Telecoms (carrierselect.co.za) – (PHP Codeigniter, Ajax, MySQL)
○ Customer categorization
○ Invoice filtration & view
○ Branch assignment

● Comments section for articles – (daleelalmasjed.com) – (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript)

● Freelancing SEO projects for number of business websites
○ now-health.com
○ sharonjacksonattorney.com
○ instaroid.sg
○ montrealimmigrationattorney.com
○ edmonton-cleaning-service.com
○ aktacs.com
○ aquaconsult.be

Work Experience

● Intern Software Engineer (Java) Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd. (Sep 2019 – Feb 2019)
● Freelancer with 100+ positive ratings (fiverr.com/vebooranker , freelancer.com/u/veboo )

Achievements | Awards

● IEEEXtreme 10.0
Team CyptoExtreme
World Rank – 392 | Country Rank – 49 | University Rank – 10

● Tech Coders V1.0 – 2018 MAR
Individual Codesprint
Ranked 11 among 300+ participants

● Pahasara – UCSC Student’s Blog
Committee Member 2017-18
Committee Head – Web 2018-19

● Inter University Esports Championship
Quarter Finalists (Dota2) – 2018
Semifinalists (Dota2) – 2019

● Interfaculty tournament – Tennis
Championship – 2018

Final Year Project

Identification of side-channel vulnerabilities in surveillance camera footage: Inferring security sensitive keyboard inputs

• The main focus of this research is to explore the possibility, the conditions, surveillance camera footage are vulnerable for inferring security sensitive keyboard inputs, and to which extent, inferring these keyboard inputs from surveillance footage can be automated. Technologies such as Computer vision with Python & OpenCV is being utilized in this research.