Heshan Eranga

A computer science undergraduate, loves programming and problem-solving, likes to learn new technologies.

Email: erangamx@gmail.com
Phone: 0712453714
Course: CS

Interests: Image Processing, Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Technical Skills: Image Processing, Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Project Experience

● HealthPlus: A Management System for a Healthcare Facility
● CharRecognizer: Offline character recognition using an artificial neural network
● EnterpriseServiceBus: Service Bus which enables multiple services to interact with each other
● LSTMnet: A Long Short-Term Memory neural network generator
● IProc: A dynamic library for image processing
● VIPinfo: System for gather and display information (contributions to the society etc.) of famous persons
● FitnessClub: A web based system for a gym for advertising purposes and stock management

Work Experience

● Salpo Technologies: Software Engineering Intern 2017

Achievements | Awards

  • National Top 50 – IEEEXtreme 9.0 (2015)
    Country Rank: 39

Final Year Project

A Framework for Time Series Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection also known as outlier detection is identification of data points, items or events that does not fit the expected behavior. In time series anomaly detection the objective is to detect anomalies in temporal data. In our research we are developing a framework for detecting anomalies in time series data using a prediction model. The model contains a hybrid neural network developed using a long short-term memory network and a convolutional neural network.