Himaruk Silva

I am an enthusiastic undergraduate who likes to seek new technologies and very active personality in teamwork. Also I would like to work with different technical aspects to seek opportunities to enhance the knowledge in multiple domains.

Email: himaruksilva@gmail.com
Phone: 0775401352
Course: CS

Interests:Software Engineering , Blockchain Technology , Graph Analysis, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Parallel Computing, Volunteering, Singing

Technical Skills: JavaScript, Python, Java, Socket.io, Angular, NodeJS, Docker, Codeigniter, Git, TortoiseSVN, PHP, HTML

Project Experience

SAF-FORESIGHT (Angular, NodeJS, Java, Python , RestAPI, MongoDB, Socket.io, Docker)
SAF-Foresight is a Fire range planning, visualization and exercise safety intervention application and it consists of both standalone and web application.
Smart Doctor : Doctor and Patient Management system(Angular, Android, MongoDB, NodeJS, Docker)
Mobile and web application which will connect patient, doctor and pharmacy to handle the appointment process, online medicine purchasing process and patient record management procedure.
Yaman : Real Time Bus Tracking Application (Android, Firebase, Google Map APIs, XML)
Android application for Realtime bus tracking and to trace the human density in each bus.
TREKGO : Color Detecting and Line Following Robot (Arduino, Sonar Technology, Infrared, C++, Bluetooth)
Color detecting, wall detecting and line following robot which implement for the Srilankan Robotics Challenge 2017.
WRF Holdings (Pvt) Ltd: Centralized web based business management system (Codeigniter, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Twilio)
Web based management system that was implemented to WRF Holdings (Pvt) Ltd for handling their daily sales summaries, employee attendance, vehicle maintenance and petty cash expenses.
Manudam Pawura : School Volunteering system (Codeigniter, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX , MySQL)
Non profit web based system for build up the communication between the donors and the requesters by adding projects of in-need schools and donating to the projects available in the system.
Hospital Management System (JAVA, Netbeans, MySQL)
Hospital management system for maintaining employee records, patients’ records and payment handling of the patients.

Work Experience

• Software Engineer Intern – Simcentric Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. [August 2019 – January 2019]
• Freelance Software Engineer [April 2019 – Present].
• Part time School Teacher – St. Peter’s College, Colombo 04. [August 2012 – December 2012].

Achievements | Awards

• Hackx 2017 (Information technology and Innovation based hackathon) – 1st Runner Up.
• IEEEXtreme 10.0 : National Top 100
• Impacto (Robotics and Mobile Application Competition) 2017 – Finalist
• SriLankan Robotics Challenge 2017 – Finalist
• All island Cultural Group singing 2019 – 1st Runner up

Final Year Project

● Data driven analysis of Bitcoin properties based on Darknet Market Transactions (Python , Neo4j, Docker, Giphy, Google Cloud Platform, BlockSci, Bitcoin Blockchain).

• The research study focuses on addressing the traceability and linkability in the Bitcoin transactions along with the purpose of providing the approach to investigate the illegal and criminal activities on the Darknet Market network. The main research aim is to enhance the Bitcoin and darknet network properties by exploiting proper graph analysis on the Bitcoin transaction graphs and the Bitcoin user graphs to trace the network characteristics such as money flowing and user behaviours within the network.