Hishara Perera

Passionate about thinking differently and like to come up with my own methods in problem solving. I like to share my knowledge as well as learn from anybody. I am self-motivated by doing things in a smarter way by myself and as a team.

Email: hisharaperera@gmail.com
Course: SE

Interests: Playing cricket & badminton, Listen to music, Hiking

Technical Skills: Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, Bootstrap, MVC framework, Firebase, Joomla, ECMAScript6(Node)

Project Experience

Information System for UCSC Electronic Laboratory.(PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL)
A web based system which allows tracking electronic equipment when they are issuing and returning, lab slot scheduling and forum discussion.

Online shopping system.(PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, SQL)
This system allows consumers to buy goods directly from a seller over the Internet and do payments through this system.

Inventory management system for a print shop.( PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, SQL)
It is also developed to manage inventory in a small print shop.

Implement web site for driving school.
This is developed for publicity purpose during my free time.

Work Experience

Worked as a trainee software engineer (Intern) at LankaHost Web Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Achievements | Awards

• Diploma in Information Technology with e-commerce – Esoft.
• Member of St Peter’s College senior prefect board (2011-2012).
• Participated IEEE Xtreme 8.0 and 9.0, SLIIT Code Fest (2014).
• Followed an English Course at British Council.

Final Year Project

Automatic accompaniment music generation for vocal melodies and singing skill evaluation

This project is a software product which generates automatic accompaniment music for vocal melodies. It captures a vocal melody and provides a backing track for that recorded melody with percussion, piano, guitar chords, bass etc. The accompaniment is generated based on a machine learning method. A user with no musical experience can create a song with instrumental accompaniment just by singing into a microphone and can experiment with different styles and chord patterns using interactions designed to be intuitive to non-musicians. Another research area is singing skill evaluation after sing vocal melody to the application it will give singers singing skill as a percentage. This evaluation is done based on pitch and tempo.