Ishika Godage

I am a person who is curious to learn new things and A team worker who understands others.

Email: ishikagodage@yahoo.com
Phone: 0711412148
Course: CS

Interests: Machine Learning, Digital Signal Processing, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Compiler Theory, Parallel Computing, Middleware Architecture, Travelling

Technical Skills: JavaScript, Python, C/C++, Java, Ballerina, PHP, MySQL, Git

Project Experience

Product Quality Dashboard: Product Quality Dashboard is designed to give a unified view of WSO2 product
quality with a mashup of data coming from multiple sources hosted in WSO2 integration cloud.
Measure Wire: It is a simple IOT device that can be connected to a mobile application to measure everyday
measurements like length, speed, timing.
Game of Thoughts: Game of Thoughts is a multiplayer game played in the virtual reality environment. Inspired
by the well-known theory of Game of Life.
Mobile Based Sales Support System: A sales support system for Dankotuwa porcelain.
Online Shopping System: A web-based online shopping system for Asiri Textiles.

Work Experience

Intern Software Engineer | WSO2 LANKA (PVT) LTD
August 2017 – January 2018 (6 months)

Achievements | Awards

Industrial Placement Award (2018): Nominated
The Best Product Competition (2017): 2nd Runner’s Up | Sales Support System
Imagine Cup Sri Lanka (2016) – Innovation Category: 1st Runner’s Up | Measure Wire
Imagine Cup Sri Lanka (2016) – Gaming Category: National Finalist |Game of Thoughts
Angelhack Colombo (2016): National Finalist | Measure Wire

Final Year Project

Sign Language Recognition for Sentence Level Continuous Signings

Sign Language is the only communication method for the deaf-mute community. Generally, normal people (The people who can hear/speak) cannot understand the sign language. Therefore, in this proposed system, we are trying to recognize sentence level continuous signings in Sri Lankan sign language and translate those signs into Sinhala natural text using a wearable device. As techniques, mainly Machine Learning and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques are used for this research.