Isuru Nanayakkara

I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, and a responsible individual with hard working and fast learning skills. Spends free time playing games, DIY IoT stuffs and watching tech videos on YouTube.

Email: nhpi.maduranga@gmail.com
Phone: 0717278771
Course: CS

Interests:R&D, Psychophysiology, Machine Learning, Iot, Robotics, Embedded Systems, Cyber Security, Overclocking- (CPU, GPU), Online PC Gaming, Mobile Strategy Gaming, Music, Tech Gadgets.

Technical Skills: C, C++, Arduino, FPGA – (Basys 3, Cyclone 2), Java, Python, VHDL, Verilog, common LISP, Keras, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Codeigniter, Google Cloud, Docker.

Project Experience

Interactive Hall Reservation System | Arduino, PHP, Codeigniter, MySQL
○ Reserve lecture halls via a web platform.
○ Display and updating the lecture halls’ schedules real time and control access to the lecture halls via autonomous Arduino devices placed in lecture halls.
Smart Seat Belt | Arduino
○ Reduce the huge impulse which occurred by an ordinary seat belt when an accident happens.
○ The algorithm we used in Arduino device is pretense the seat belt before an accident and release the tension in a managed way.
Disaster Notifying Network | Arduino
○ A backup communication network which can use when a disaster occurring.
○ The network is built by Arduino devices which can emit light, sound and display messages which send by the government (DMC) in disaster situations.
○ These devices placed on high risk area’s houses and when the mobile network get jammed, the government can provide updates to the civilians via this network.
Reinforcement Learning Physical Robot | JAVA, LejOS, EV3 API, Subsumption Robotic Architecture, Machine Learning (Reinforcement Learning)
○ Reinforcement learning physical robot (LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3) for automated path following learning and behavioral adaptation based on the remaining battery power.
○ Q learning algorithm is used inside the EV3 robot.
“WeddingArt” | PHP, Codeigniter, MySQL, Nexmo sms API
○ A wedding management system and a business platform for customers to plan their wedding through online reservations.
“Hellboy” custom ECU
○ Low budget performance booster and fuel cut defender for drag racing cars with Turbo and Supercharged.
Mosquito Larvae Counter | OpenCV, Python
○ Automatically counting the number of mosquito larvae in a camera captured pictures using image processing methods and generating reports daily.
Care 2 Care | Arduino
o A portable device which can plug into the vehicle and when an accident occurring, that device emits warning messages via radio frequency range.
o Other vehicle drivers near accidented vehicle get notifications in their Arduino device about the incident and they can take necessary actions immediately before reaching the crashed zone.

Work Experience

• Research Assistant Internship UCSC 2017 Aug – 2018 Jan.
(C / C++ / Verilog / VHDL / Machine Learning / Java – LejOS / common LISP – ACT-R cognitive architecture)
• Freelancing – After Effects Video Editor (Upwork)

Achievements | Awards

• IEEEXTREME Programming Competition 10.0 | Island Rank 40 – 2016
• Microsoft Imagine Cup | Smart Seat Belt | National Finalists – 2017
• “Best Software Product” organized by UCSC | Interactive Hall Reservation System | Finalist – 2017
• “Hackadev” organized by UNDP | Disaster Notifying Network | Merit Award – 2017

Final Year Project

• Increasing Learning Effectiveness: A Psychophysiological Approach

• Researching about human long-term memory types based on cognitive load theory and analyzing psychophysiological signals of human subjects when flashbulb memories and “aha” moments evoking. Statistical analyzing and data preprocessing done using on MATLAB- EEG LAB and implementing a machine learning model to predict the retention moments in a multimedia-based learning scenario.
Technologies: Python, MATLAB, EEG LAB, Supervised Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Keras, Arduino