Krishani Indrachapa

A simple individual who believes in hard work and commitment while trying to do things in an optimized manner.

Course: SE

Interests: Software Engineering, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition, Philosophy, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Systems

Technical Skills: Java, Python, C, HTML, JavaScript, R, Matlab

Project Experience

Smart Scheduler System (2nd year group project)
The project was mainly focused on facilitating the process of time table scheduling and resource allocation of UCSC. Reusing past timetables and making changes made more efficient. PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, Jquery are the technologies used.

Perfect Vision with Dialog (group project)
This is a web application to test the vision level online and results can be shared to the user’s Facebook timeline. Eye sight, color blindness are checked. This application was developed regarding Dialog, Vision 2020.

Work Experience

DirectFN (pvt) LTD. (Sep 2016 -Feb 2017):
Worked on the research area ‘Algorithmic Trading’ as a Software Engineering intern and implemented an Exchange Simulator which handles order placements and matching.

Achievements | Awards

  • Became 1st runners up at the CodeSprint organized by Dialog and IdeaMart. -2015
  • Highest marks for G.C.E. Advanced Level Combined Maths, Anula Vidyalaya – 2012

Final Year Project

Automatic Accompaniment Music Generation for Vocal Melodies and Singing Skill Evaluation

Chords and accompaniment generation for a melody often requires music knowledge. Users who are musically untrained will have to struggle when experimenting with their musical ideas. The goal of this project is to generate accompaniment music for a voice melody, encouraging users who lack music knowledge to get a taste in song writing. This is a product based project and consists of research components, chord generation and singing skill evaluation. A mobile application will be delivered as the final output.