Lakshika Nanayakkara

Lakshika Nanayakkara

I am a self-motivated undergraduate who has an ability to work in any given environment. | phone: +9471131127 | Course:CS

I am a self-motivated undergraduate who has an ability to work in any given environment. And also willing to use my skills acquired through my education and experience in the growth of the organization.

Interests: Machine learning and pattern recognition, Image processing and computer vision and Multi agent technology

Technical Skills: Java,Python,HTML,PHP,Matlab,Jade,MySQL

Project Experience

Text to Speech System for Sinhala Language
TTS system for Sinhala language (Marytts, Java, Praat, NVDA)

Smart Vehicle Secure System (SVSS)
Vehicle identification and categorization system (Java, MySQL)

Website for Religious Society
We can handle religious activities of each societies (WordPress, HTML)

Work Experience

Language Technology Research Laboratory- Research Assistant: Address the problem of increasing the accuracy of Text to Speech system for Sinhala language. This application is capable of listening to the Sinhala text navigating through the content

Achievements | Awards

• Paper publication in ICTer 2016
• Participated IEEEXtreme 8.0

Final Year Project

Multi Agent based approach for stages classification of diabetic retinopathy in human retina.

Address the problem of automated severity level classification for Non proliferative diabetic retinopathy patient using the Multi Agent solution. The main goal of this research is to categorize the retinal anomaly stages, namely healthy, mild, moderate and severe using the obtained features from retinal fundus images. Further this research consists of two modules namely feature extraction module and Agent classification module.
(Matlab, MySQL, Java, Jade)

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