Malith Madhushanka

Innovative, talented individual with strong knowledge of practical and theoretical concepts of computer science. Also, a fast problem solver who possesses ability for handling big picture and abstractions when it comes to learning and exploring new technologies, concepts and solving problems.

Course: CS

Algorithms, New Technologies, Software Engineering, R&D

Technical Skills: 
C Lang Family (C, C++, C#), JavaScript, Python, R
AngularJS, ReactJS, NoSQL, SQL, Web designing, Graphic designing

Project Experience

Ruvee – state-of-the-art cloud based platform, showcasing 3D garment prototypes (UCSC
Simulation Research group)
[Technologies – Unity3D, Nodejs,, C#, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL]

AR AppArchitecture for loading 3d model from an external server for Vuforia AR framework.
[ Technologies – Unity3D, Vuforia SDK, C#] (UCSC Simulation Research group)

Atom Simulation[Technologies – Unity3D, C#] (UCSC Simulation Research group)
USurveySurvey Conducting Web Platform for UOC (for research purposes)
[Technologies – MEAN Stack, D3/C3 Data Visualization Techniques]

InfographicaInfographic sharing and voting system
[Technologies – MEAN Stack, D3/C3 Data Visualization Techniques]

Backup HelperStandalone Application with Windows service and GUI
for managing backups with scheduling.
[Technologies –.NET Framework with C#, Windows Forms, Windows Services, SQLite 3]

Work Experience

  • Internship with “Simulation Group – UCSC “for six months.

Final Year Project

Multi-objective particle swarm optimization incorporating Game Theory

(Research Area -Natural Algorithms)
PSO as a swarm based evolutionary heuristics has been successfully used in single objective optimization. For multi-objective optimization, work carried out shows the usefulness of Multi-Objective PSO concept. We hypothesize that game theoretically interacting particles in a PSO are better for multi-objective optimization