Mohamed Mufarrij

I am a goal oriented individual with the capability of adapting to any challenging Environment.I enjoy problem solving and working in teams to achieve ambitious goals.

Email: muhammed.mufarrij@gmail.com
Phone: 0772624238
Course: SE

Interests: Research & Development, Information Security, Data Analytics, Algorithms,Database,Middleware Architecture,SOA & Micro Services.

Technical Skills: Java SE/EE,Spring Boot Framework,Web Technologies (React,Mobx, Node.JS,PHP, CodeIgniter ),C/C++ ,Python,MySql,Git,Azure Portal (AzureVMs,Storage Tables,App Services, Load Balancers,Cosmos DB,SQL DB ), Keycloak , Nginx ,Postman, Docker,Jenkins,JIRA & Confluence,Linux Environment , IntellijIDE , Sonarqube,MQTT protocol,REST, Shell Scripting, Microservice Deployment.

Project Experience


QseTex – Latex enabled question paper setting system for manual latex editors.Java SE project using
Eclipse IDE and Mysql Workbench.
Responsibilities – System Architecture Design,Algorithm to convert normal text to latex
format,Database Design,UI Design,Backend Development.

Mplay – Online Music Application for Entertainment and Song Rating.
Technologies used – JavaScript, Bootstrap,HTML5/CSS ,Codeigniter Framework
Responsibilities – Database design,System Design,Backend development(Profile Management)

AlphaBigDeal – An online store for selling electronic items using Joomla content management system.

Work Experience

  • Accelerite : Software Engineering Intern 2017/2018(6 months)
    Contributed to Concert IoT Project in Microsoft Azure Platform.
    Implemented , Unit Tested and Deployed Microservices on Azure Cloud.

Achievements | Awards

  • Participated in IEEEXtreme 10.0 Island rank: 29
  •  Participated for All Island Physics Competition and Obtained Merit Pass
  •  Certified in Web Engineering- WinSys Networks

Final Year Project

SecureCode City – A Framework for Software Vulnerability Visualization which will aid developers to find potential root causes for security bugs in the source code with less effort by visualizing whole codebase as a three dimensional city metaphor in three different levels.Further different components (classes, methods..) with the vulnerabilities in the codebase are highlighted with a dynamic colour spectrum in the city metaphor according to the severity status and countermeasures for the vulnerabilities are suggested according to latest security standards( OWASP TOP-10 ).we hope to deploy the final product as a plugin for Intellij Idea IDE which will be a web application using technologies ( ReactJs with Mobx , Mocha ,TypeScript , Node.js , Three.js , Java 8 , Apache Maven , Spring Boot , Docker , Sonarqube , TestNg,Git)