Our mission is to build products that optimize and automate your operations, using end-to-end real- time intelligence and insights from data. While our products and solutions are feature-rich and whole, we are happy to customize a solution to suit your specific needs.

Company Overview

Do you know that you utilize only a mere 10% of your data in your operations?
Do you know the wealth of insights that reside in your untapped data resources?

Join the nCinga data revolution, and take your organization to new heights!

We Empower Data Driven Decisions

  • Improved visibility and control with Real-time Insights
  • Real-time monitoring of Operations, with timely alerts, warnings and predications to help the
    decision makers.
  • Flexible Commercial Models – Pay Per use and Subscription based etc
  • Cloud or On premise based delivery models

nCinga Focus
Data is the Natural Resource of 21 st century.  Yet 90% Data in your organization is not utilized. We help
bring this data at your finger-tips, so you can put the data at the heart of everything you to stay ahead of
the game.
Our Products
Our mission is to build products that optimize and automate your operations, using end-to-end real-
time intelligence and insights from data. While our products and solutions are feature-rich and whole,
we are happy to customize a solution to suit your specific needs.
nCinga Spark is the lifeblood of all our solutions. It is a revolutionary platform that automates data
collection and integration, and enables you to visualize and analyze data in in motion in real time.

  • Real-time analytics and leaderboards to Monitor Operational KPI
  • Real time automated data collection using sensors and devices using IoT technology
  • Fast data search
  • Data visualization
  • Structured and Unstructured Data Integration
  • Multi-device accessibility

Our solutions at work:
In the Manufacturing Industry

  • Real Time Production Monitoring : A key issues for manufacturers are on time delivery of
    products at the right quality and efficiency levels. Our nFactory production mentoring solution
    gives real time visibility into your production on your mobile device. No matter where the
    location is you will be always in control of your production floor. With this solution deployed
    over 200 production lines across 3 countries we have managed to help manufactures reduce
    their lead times, increase efficiencies and reduce defects by considerable margins.
  • Accessories Verification (AVS): Specifically designed to automate the time-consuming and
    complex task of trims verification in the Apparel industry. Built on the nCinga Spark platform,
    AVS retrieves real-time data from multiple sources and presents only the required data for final
  • Merchandising Automation: Built on the nCinga Spark platform, this solution automates the
    whole merchandising process by gathering, cleansing, formatting, and integrating all forms and
    sources of data. It also provides analytics and real-time data to facilitate quick decision making.

In the Telecom Industry

  • Real Time Market Insights : Using nCinga Spark Platform we developed a solution to one of the
    leading Telco’s in Sri Lanka to gain real-time intelligence of how well their subscriber numbers
    are seen in the market place and providing them instant feedback on the market share changes
  • Churn Prediction : One of the Key issue for Telcos these days is the churn of their subscribers.
    nCinga worked with one of the leading Telcos in Maldives build a predictive analytics model with
    dashboards to predict the subscribers going to their competition in coming months. This has
    helped the them to take proactive measures to retain their important customers.


Software Development and Integration Services
In the era of Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Internet of Things re-shaping the way companies do
business. To remain competitive organizations need to integrate internally and externally
connecting sensors, partners and customers with information systems in real time. You need to
integrate everything through standard protocols and APIs.

  • Data Integration and Analytics – 90% of Data are in disconnected silos or not collected. We use
    a combination of technology and business processes to combine data from desperate sources
    into meaningful Insights and get into your fingertips.

    • We Provide Consulting and Integration Services in Following areas
    • Data Modeling
    • Predictive Analytics
    • NoSQL, MongoDB, Data lake Solutions
    • Image Processing and Text Analytics
    • Embedded and Real Time Programming
    • IoT – Sensors , Devices Design and API Management & Integration
    • Structured and Un Structured Data Integration
  • Cloud and Network Integration – We are a Company with Strong Real time Software and Carrier
    Network DNAs. We are born in the era of Cloud, NFV and SDN with no baggage to carry with
    Legacy Technologies. We believe in bringing in the programmability and virtualization into
    networks to make it more agile, efficient and smart.
    We provide Consulting and Integration Services in Following Areas

    • OpenStack Cloud Integration Services
    • Network Function Virtualization Integration Services
    • Software Defined Networking Integration Services
    • Telecom Core Network Integration
    • Middleware Integration Services

We boast a team of Experts Real time Programmers in Java and RESTFUL API in OpenStack and
Open DayLight Environments coupled with Expert Network Engineers with CCIE Certifications
with experience in Service Provider and Enterprise Environments.

  • Training – We provide customized training solutions to meet your needs in the areas of Real
    Time Data, IoT , Security , Datacenter and Networking

Key Customers

  • MAS Group Sri Lanka
  • Impress Group Bangladesh
  • Sing Lun Group Singapore
  • Telecom Fiji Ltd, Fiji
  • Dialog Axiata Sri Lanka
  • Dhiraagu Telecom Maldives

Key Partners

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Axiata Group

The company is established in Singapore and Sri Lanka since October 2014, now with 45 full time
employees, mostly in product development and Engineering

+65 96340685
Blk 79 , 04-04 Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore

Sri Lanka
+94 11 2686001
410/81A, Bauddaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka