Nimesha Kalinga

A highly motivated person who enjoys programming and prefers to learn new things as well as likes to explore different approaches for existing solutions. A team player who believes working together is much more effective than multiple individuals working on the same problem.

Email: kalinga.nimesha@gmail.com
Phone: 0775635458
Course: CS

Interests:Web Development | Computer Graphics | Game Development | Facial Recognition

Technical Skills: Java | Javascript | C | Python

Project Experience

MemifyX (Google NLU Challenge) (Client: Google) [Android]
A Meme sharing app built for android platform to crowd-source the data labeling for google’s Perspective API. The main objective of this app is to label the comments which are acquired from leading social media and news websites for their toxicity
RAT- Resource Allocation Tool (Client: IFS R&D (Pvt) Ltd) [React, ExpressJS, MongoDB]
A web application to digitalize the current manual process of human resource allocation to projects within the organization which has the ability to provide the current status of the resource pools and forecast the future
PC-Life Online (Client: PC-Life (Pvt) Ltd) [Laravel, Firebase, Android]
A web-based solution to automate the main processes of the PC-Life (Pvt) Ltd. The Solution consists of a shopping cart, cashier module, stock manager module. And an android application to track the progress of the delivery person real-time
Wheels Hub (Client: Metatechno Lanka (Pvt) Ltd) [Hyperledger Sawtooth, ExpressJS, Docker]
A system that converts the process of registering a vehicle into a block-chain. It contains vehicle registration module, a portal to record insurance claims and an API to retrieve vehicle information

Work Experience

• Undergraduate Trainee at IFS R&D (Pvt) Ltd (Duration: 2018 August to 2019 July)
• Team Lead at ‘Help To Code’ initiative by ICTA (Duration: 2017 February to 2017 July)

Achievements | Awards

• MemifyX (Google NLU Challenge) – Finalists (Application met with the competition requirements)
• CloudHack 2017 (08/2017) – Awarded top 8 finalists
• Lexilap; An android application integrated with Google Vision API having the capability of identifying supermarket products
• HackX 2017 (09/2017) – Awarded top 15 finalists
• Lexilap 2.0; Improved functionalities like community contributions
• HackLN (09/2017) – Awarded top 20 finalists
“Smart Wakkada”: An IOT device that automates the process of the physical ‘wakkada’ on paddy fields
• SLIIT Robofest – CleverBot (09/2016)
An obstacle avoiding rover made using Arduino for the annual robotics competition organized by Faculty of Engineering SLIIT

Final Year Project

Towards An Ethnic-Bias Free Approach For Facial Recognition Model Training

• Focuses on addressing the ethnicity bias which is present on the state of the art facial recognition approaches and presents a novel approach that can be used at the training stage of the model to reduce the model become biased to a certain ethnic group.