Nipuni Yasoda

Enthusiastic individual with good technical knowledge as well as the ability to work with all kinds of people. Loves working with people and share their knowledge and experiences by adapting to any situation. Challenges encourage me to step forward more and more towards my goals.

Email: nipuniyashodavg@gmail.com
Phone: 0776491905
Course: IS

Interests: : Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Research, Blogging,travelling

Technical Skills: : HTML/CSS, MySQL, SoapUI, Apache JMeter

Project Experience

Project mCash
A platform to operate mobile wallet services for Mobitel users
Sports Management System
Website for managing university sports functions
Online Learning System
Self learning course for drivers about road rules and regulations

Work Experience

Software Quality Assurance Engineer intern at Mobitel (Pvt)Ltd

Achievements | Awards

      All Island Winner at IWMS music competitions
      Prize Winner at IWMS music examinations
      Japanese Karate white belt holder
      Prize Winner of Ordinary Level English examinationation

Final Year Project

Empowering the text based understandability of students with hearing impairments

Main goal of the research is to improve the text understandability of the deaf students using a IT based solution and increase the pass rate of students in examinations. Research begins with a thorough analysis about the text based understandability of deaf students and an identification of their current knowledge base. Text to sign language translator is modified to meet the necessary requirements to understand the text and evaluation is carried out using a control group and an experimental group by providing them with an examination paper to identify the success of the modified tool. Mainly research is focused on the ability of translators to increase the text based understandability of deaf.