Nishadi Anjalika

An adaptive, self-motivated and friendly person seeking to achieve a good cooperate status in IT industry by applying my software engineering skills with technical and non-technical skills to support for the betterment of the organization while updating my knowledge constantly through those experience.

Course: SE

Interests: Programming, Web development, Natural Language Processing, Algorithms, Music, Badminton, Volunteering

Technical Skills: Java SE/EE, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Spring MVC, Maven, Hibernate, Python, PHP, C, MySQL, MongoDB, GIT, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, TestNG, Selenium IDE, Design Patterns

Project Experience

ProMAT is an IT Based Research Project Management System implemented to enhance and extend the Open Source Software called ‘Redmine’ using Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and MySQL.

Activity Management System
A standalone system developed for C.N.SS workers with payment handling, money transactions and stock management using Java and MySQL.

PIV system (Intern Project – Ceylon Electricity Board)
Paying In Voucher system developed to automate the PIV process at CEB to collect money from their customers using Java EE, Spring MVC, Maven and WildFly server with Oracle database.

Web Site for Studio Photo Hi-Bright
A web site developed using WordPress for Studio Photo Hi-Bright

Work Experience

Worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Ceylon Electricity Board (September 2016- January 2017)

Final Year Project

Ontology Based Test Case Generation Framework (Java EE, Spring MVC, Maven, Hibernate, MySQL, Ontology Web Language (OWL), protégé, Apache Jena API, Stanford Core NLP)

Testing plays a major role in software development life cycle. Though the test execution is already automated, the test design phase is still manual. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the manual test design process this framework will provide as an open source end to end test automation framework which generates test cases from user stories written in Natural Language and then pass them as an input to test management tools. Generation of test cases will be done using an Ontology which is going to be developed form the scratch within the domain.