Nithila Randula Vithanage

I am software developer try to develop system by thinking about the steps happens in the actual hardware.

E-mail: | phone: 0719720470 | Course: SE

I am a self-motivated, ambitious and a responsible person who is willing to take any challenge, also able to work as an individual or as a team to gain success. I am curious about new technologies in the fi¬eld of IT where I can shape up my knowledge while serving the organization. Good at communicating with people and knowledge sharing. where I can shape up my knowledge while serving the organization. Good at communicating with people and knowledge sharing.

Interests: Internet of things, Embedded system development, Image processing

Technical Skills: JAVA, Android, AspectJ,C, Python, PHP, Javascript,JQuery, NodeJS, MatLab,Boostrap,MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, RaspberryPi, PcDuino, Arduino, Esp8266, Senz Platform, Firebase, GoogleAPI,EzCash API, GitHub, SimpleCV, SonarQube, Agile-Scrum, DevOps, REST,Design Patterns, Anti-Patterns,

Project Experience

Virtual learning institute which facilitate to conduct online classes.
CodeIgnitor, BigBluebutton, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, EzCash

Community based real-time train tracking system.
Android, FireBase

Real-time location sharing application between friends.
Android, Senz Platform

Work Experience

Research assistant (Internship) at ScoreLab, UCSC.
Loan processor in Waquis Sri Lanka (Pvt) Limited.

Achievements | Awards

• 1st Runner-up in Robot competition organized by SLASSCOM.
• Awarded “General Pro¬ciency” prize in Nalanda College annual prize giving in 2007.
• Credit pass for Australian National Chemistry Quiz in 2007.

Final Year Project


Design an innovative ‘Uniform pipe and filter based framework’ to integrate distributed IoT devices to perform intended task. Main use case of developing this framework is called ‘Elephant Localizer’. It could be used to identify the location of the elephant from its sound. Every time two mics capture the sound in the environment and captured data must be filtered to get the infrasonic sound range. Then check whether elephant sound pattern is in filtered data or not. If there exists elephant sound pattern, then correlate the data stream of both mics and calculate the location and location must show in the map. Proposal of this project is, uniform pipe and filter architectural style is the most suitable architectural style for developing system such as sequence of processing steps should be executing to get final output and those processing steps are running on isolated level 3 IoT devices. Hence This project could be divide into three parts. Those are evaluation of architectural style, design and develop the uniform pipe and filter based framework and language such as unix pipeline commands to execute system.

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