OrangeHRM is the world’s most used open source human resource management software. Today OrangeHRM has enabled countless number of organizations around the world to have a user friendly, productive, robust and customizable human resource management software

Over a million users log into OrangeHRM for employee self service needs such as personnel information management, leave, time and attendance, recruitment, performance evaluation and many other human resource management requirements.

The OrangeHRM project was started during fall 2005 and the first beta release was made in January 2006. OrangeHRM is now a full-fledged enterprise human resource management system that not only caters to SME’s but also to large corporate and multi-nationals.
In June 2010 we launched OrangeHRM Live, a subscription based cloud version of OrangeHRM with many advanced features and options.

The system is backed by professional support and services as well as a knowledgeable worldwide open source community. By building and leveraging this community of users, developers and partners, the usability, scope and international adoption of OrangeHRM is continuously being improved.