Oshan Mudannayake

A philomath.

Email: oshan.ivantha@gmail.com
Phone: 0719084020
Course: CS

Interests:Reading, Travelling, Video Games, Movies, Manga & Anime, Cooking and trying out new food

Project Experience

Petabyte Scale Cloud Storage File Manager
My Google Summer of Code 2018 project done in collaboration with the CERN-HST, ownCloud and AARNet. I contributed to the new Phoenix frontend of ownCloud. It was supposed to be integrated with the CERNBox which is a cloud based storage, synchronization and sharing service built on top of ownCloud.
Vue.js, ownCloud, Pug

Bra Elasticity Analysing System
Bra Elasticity Analysing System is a solution to compare the elasticity of sports bras using image processing.
Java, Swing, Image Processing, OpenCV

Machine Learning over Encrypted Data
I worked on adding a layer over Tensorflow to facilitate machine learning on encrypted data over a distributed network of machines.
Machine Learning, Encryption, Tensorflow, Python

OCR Solution for Sinhalese language using Tesseract OCR Engine.
Java, Springboot, React, Tesseract, AWS

Smart Traffic Light System
We automated the traditional time interval based traffic light system to reduce the involvement of traffic officers in times of traffic congestion.
MEAN Stack, Firebase Realtime Database, Google Cloud Platform, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, MQTT

Yarn Detection System
I worked with a team to implement this system as a solution to detect the knots of yarn threads in glove weaving machines.
Image Processing, Python, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi

Glove Defect Identification System
This system can identify the common and easily detectable defects of gloves using image processing as they are being passed through a conveyor belt.
Java, JavaFX, Arduino, FSR 400

Plat to Learn
Play to Learn is an android game developed in the style of ‘Snake & Ladders’ to improve the algorithmic and programming skills of elementary students.
Android, Kotlin

I Have a Theory
I Have a Theory is a survival based adventure game that is designed to teach chemistry to school children. (2nd Runners up at Dialog Game Development Hackathon 2017).
Android, Java

Smart Glove
I designed a glove prototype that can measure the pressure distribution and the acceleration of hand. This glove was designed with the idea of deriving the best patterns of movements for Cricket players in relation with the hand pressure.
Java, JavaFX, FSR 400, Arduino

Automated Water Distribution System
An IOT based system to water the crops efficiently. (1st Runners up at Persistent Hackathon and Semi Finalists at SS12 Asia 2017).

Mobile ATM
This is a prototype of an IOTA based mobile wallet developed as part of the requirements for a subject module.
Android, Kotlin, IOTA, Firebase Cloud Functions

Seek is a geo location based voluntary teacher and student pairing service that we came up for our first hackathon, SLIIT Codefest 2016. (1st Runners up at SLIIT Codefest 2016)
Ionic Framework

Beacona is a platform where the window shoppers get notifications about offers and other recommended items in shops they pass by.
Ionic Framework, Physical Web Beacons, CodeIgniter Framework

Work Experience

Research Intern at University of Colombo School of Computing (Colombo)
From Aug. 2018 to Jan. 2019
Conducted research under the area of ‘Machine Learning over Encrypted Data’

President at IEEE Student Branch of UCSC
From Jan. 2019 to Present

Software Developer at Language Matters (Colombo)
From Jan. 2018 to Present
Working part time on developing an OCR solution for Sinhalese using Tesseract OCR Engine.

Software Developer at Dreamteam IT Solutions (Kurunegala)
From Mar. 2016 to Jan. 2017
Provided R&D solutions to industrial problems such as Bra Elasticity Analysing System, Yarn Detection System and Glove Defect Identification System.

Course Instructor at Dreamteam IT Solutions (Kurunegala)
From Jan. 2016 to Jun. 2016
Conducted sessions for introductory robotics and Java 6.

Achievements | Awards

• 2019 – HackZurich by Digital Festival – Got selected for the HackZurich at Zurich, Switzerland out of 500+ hackers (travel grant incl.)
• 2019 – Scholarship for AI Summer School Singapore – Did not participate due to exams.
• 2018 – Hack the North – Participation at Waterloo, Canada (travel grant incl.)
• 2018 – Full grant for ownCloud Conference by CERN and ownCloud
• 2018 – Codezilla by Uva Wellassa University – Winner
• 2018 – LetMeHack by Sabaragamuwa University – Winners
• 2017 – IEEE Techno Meetup – Best Industry Collaborative award at IEEE SLSYWC ‘17 by IEEE Sri Lanka Section (Finance team member)
• 2017 – Cloudhack 2k17 – Best Student Branch Activity at IEEE SLSYWC ‘17 by IEEE Sri Lanka Section (Finance team lead and program team member)
• 2017 – HACKiNTRA by University of Vavuniya – 1st Runners up
• 2017 – hackX – Participated as finalists
• 2017 – Cedefest Designation by SLIIT – Finalists
• 2017 – SS12 Asia by IEEE – Semi finalists
• 2017 – Dialog Gaming Hackathon by Dialog – 2nd Runners up
• 2017 – Persistent Hackathon by Persistent – 1st Runners up
• 2016 – Mozilla Web Maker Party by UCSC Mozilla Club – Winners
• 2016 – CodeFest Tertiary Hackathon by SLIIT – 1st Runners up
• 2016 – IEEE preXtreme 1.0 by IEEE Student Branch of UCSC – Winners
• 2016 – ACES Coders by University of Peradeniya – 6th Place out of 100+ teams
• 2016 – Code Expertz by University of Moratuwa – 5th Place

Final Year Project

Realtime Property Evaluation of Large Streaming Graphs

• Massive scale dynamically built up graphs are becoming increasingly common in the modern world. Running algorithms on these graphs prove to be difficult due to their dynamic nature and their large size. Efficient execution of queries on this streaming data will be beneficial for many industrial sectors. We aim to analyze the properties of streaming graphs by summarization and other techniques through this research.