Oshan Wickramaratne

A fast learner who enjoys problem-solving and likes to explore different approaches in order to find an optimal solution. An adaptable team player and a first principle thinker who works well even under pressure to accomplish goals.

Email: wonwick@gmail.com
Phone: 0770429692
Course: CS

Interests:Problem Solving | Data Structures / Algorithms | Graphics / Physics | Game Development | Simulations |Machine Learning | Web / Mobile app development | Parallel computing

Technical Skills: C++ | Java | Android Studio | Unity | Python | Javascript

Project Experience

Natural language understanding challenge – Google (2017)
(Android Studio, Java, Firebase Authentication, Firebase Real-Time Database)
A creative Android app for crowdsourcing labeled data useful for machine learning that powers an open-source system for natural language understanding. App met the Mobile App Development Specifications of the challenge and completed the challenge by submitting over 6000 data records.

Advance Employee Tracking System (Team lead) – SparcTec (2017)
(JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, FireBase Real-Time Database, Android Studio, Java,)
A System that tracks sales employees and vehicles of SparcTec (pvt) Ltd. The system contained a website for managing as well as an app with a vehicle OBD communication module, a chat module, a location module, a task allocation module.

Work Experience

Dev. Intern (C++) at Simcentric (2018)
Worked on DIS, CIGI (communication protocols among simulations and Image Generators). Carried out the development of animating articulated parts such as rotors and landing gears of aircraft. Worked on navigation mesh issues. Worked on Concurrent map loading and stitching. Worked on the implementation of manual aircraft control.
ICTA Help To Code (2017)
An initiative by ICTA Sri Lanka to motivate school children into coding and programming using “Scratch” and simple programming languages.
Designed programming problems for South East Asian Regional Computer Confederation International Schools Software Competition and its local selection rounds (National Schools’ Software Competition).

Achievements | Awards

Best software product award (Winners) – “Advance Employee Tracking System” was chosen to be awarded the Best Software Product by a panel of experts from Industry.
IEEE Xtreme 10.0/11.0 – Best ranks achieved: World Top 300, UOC First
HackerRank Competitions – World CodeSprint 9 (Silver) | University CodeSprint 2 (Bronze)
HackLN – Semi-Finalist (Dept. of Static and Computer Science UOK 2017) – An IOT device “Smart Wakkada” that automates the process of the physical wakkada on paddy fields.
Cloud Hack – Finalist (UCSC 2017) – An android application called “Lexilapp” integrated with Google Vision API having the capability of identifying supermarket products
HackX (Dept. of Industrial Management UOK 2017) – Lexilap 2.0 a community-based consumer product reviewing app
Robofest (SLIIT 2016) – A Maze solving robot made with Arduino

Final Year Project

Simulation of the Climbing plants (Unity, C#, ThreeJS )

• The aim of this research is to synthesize a biologically and biomechanically accurate climbing plant simulation model for real-time simulations and critically evaluate its behavioral realism and computational efficiency. The current approach utilizes nondeterministic automata to model the biomechanical behaviors.