Pasindu Perera

I would describe myself as a first principle thinker. A good listener. A student who learns from his mistakes. A person who does not regret his choices. A dreamer who always look forward with high expectations.

Phone: 0766155243
Course: CS

Interests: Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Information Security, Banking & Finance, Global Warming, Sustainable living, Traveling & Experiencing culture

Technical Skills: C++/C, Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJs, HTML/CSS, SQL, NoSQL(MongoDB), Git, Bash.

Final Year Project

Anomaly Detection in Time Series with Concept Drifts.

Anomaly is an observation that greatly deviates from other observations. Time series is a data set in which the data elements have time stamps. Anomaly detection in time series is significant in Mechanical fault detection, Disaster detection, Resource management, and Cyber-attack prediction. In this project LSTM-CNN ensemble neural network with concept drift detection methods are explored for time series profiling. Dynamic Time Warping distance measure is explored for anomaly detection by comparing normal profile of a time series with observed values.

Project Experience

Sherlock, Framework to implement time series anomaly detection models. Different time series profiling methods, concept drift detection methods and thresholding mechanisms can be combined to implement anomaly detection models for data streams. This is an outcome of my final year research project. (C++, C++ Extended Asm, Gdb, Valgrind-Massif, CMake).

ProjectGreenZone, Geo-fencing application with real-time location tracking. Application can be extended for tracking field employees, school children, and pets. (Angular, NodeJS,, Postman).

ProjectBuild, Project management tool designed to enforce budget constraints for construction projects. (PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Postman).

Chat101, Group chat application implemented using Java Sockets and multi-threading features of Java. (Java SE, Java Swing, Apache Maven).

Sorize, Teaching tool for visualizing sorting algorithms. (Angular, D3js).

Work Experience

Research Intern , 2018 (5 months).
At University of Colombo School of Computing. Research area was on time series forecasting and anomaly detection. Implemented Auto-Regressive statistical models using python. Developed benchmark automation and results visualization tools for time series forecasting and anomaly detection with open-sourced data sets.

Achievements | Awards

AIESEC Global Volunteer, teaching English to pre-school children in Wrocław, Poland. – 2019.
Huawei Seed, successfully completed Seeds for the Future Program, Huawei’s global CSR flagship program at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. – 2018.
Team Leader, in Outgoing Global Entrepreneur & Talent (oGET) function, AIESEC in University of Colombo. – 2016 to 2018.
Best oGETer award, Excellentia AIESEC in University of Colombo. – 2018.
Final round participant, HackLN University of Kelaniya. – 2017.
Participant at Fifth Annual Cyber Security Summit. – 2017.
Merit Award, Codefest Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. – 2016.
Participation for Inter University Quiz Competition Stat Day. – 2017.
● Participation at IEEE Sri Lanka Student/Young Professional/WIE Congress. – 2017.