Piyumi Radeeshani

I have the capability of adapting to different kind of technologies and situations. I myself has a great interest in exploring new innovative developments related to the computer science field for the betterment of entire mankind.

Email: piyumi.radeeshani@gmail.com
Course: CS

Machine Learning, Theoretical Computer Science, teaching Mathematics, Programming, Algorithm

Technical Skills: 
Java, J2EE, C, R, Python, PHP, HTML5, Ajax, Bootstrap, MySql, OracleDB, Spring, Mongo DB, Arduino, JavaScript, MATLAB, Maven, Git, Neo4j, AOP, MVC framework, CodeIgniter

Project Experience

PIV System (J2EE, OracleDB, Spring MVC, Maven3, AOP, AJAX, Bootstrap, HTML5, REST API, JPA, Wildfly10)
Enterprice web system to handle PIVs for Ceylon Electricity Board

UCSC VideoBay (PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap, JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, MySql, CSS )Web based platform which consists of a database of interactive lecture videos with their relevant synchronized slides.

CNSS workers (Java, MySql)Activity management system for the client CNSS workers.

Photo Hi Bright (WordPress)Website developed by aiming the publicity of a studio and for contacting the photographer.

Work Experience

  • Trainee Software Engineer at Ceylon Electricity Board (September 2016 to January 2017)

Final Year Project

Order Book based Decision Support Model for Traders

The stock market is very dynamic and chaotic system. Thus playing with the stock market data is also very complex task. Also, trading in the stock market has become a very risky activity. We are trying to build a computational model for stock traders to acquire decisions about stock trading using stock market trades data and specially order book data. The concept called Kelly criterion which maximizes the wealth of the trader while minimizes the trader’s risk. The model is designed to develop as a constrained optimization problem.