Piyumi Samaranayaka

Piyumi Samaranayaka

An Information Systems professional interested in financial domains with the expertise and experience of ERP and Core Banking Systems.

E-mail: piyumisamaranayaka@gmail.com | phone: +94779491387 | Course: IS

Achieve professional success in the field of Information Technology,combiningwith the business, accountancy, banking and financial sectors while maintaining high integrity, honest and objectivity. Also contribute to achieve organizational goals & improve organizational processes with innovation and knowledge to achieve efficiencies

Technical Skills: UML, BPM-Bizagi, CMS-Joomla, Minitab, Matlab, Java SE, DBMS-SQL/Oracle, ERP-Open ERP/Bizzxe/Ms Dynamics nav, DMS-Enadocs, Core Banking-Finacle/Sky bank

Project Experience

Second year group project (jointly)
“PickMe” is a system that makes an environment to meet fresh graduates and the recruiting companies. The students can add their own details and qualifications to the profiles and the registered companies can search for the qualifications they need and call them directly for the interviews and support the operations in the PDC. Also academic staff can write their recommendations for the students and peer endorsing system is also included.

1. An eye clinical web based system using html and php for the subject “Web application and Development”.
2. A Yoga course following most effective and efficient theories and methodologies comes under the subject field “E-Learning and Instructional design”.
3. Introduced a web site for an orphanage consisting a shopping mall for the handmade items of the children to collect funds as well as scholarships, using CMS framework taking “feverr” network as the model for the subject “e-business strategy”.

Work Experience

Possess a 6 months internship as a trainee consultant (System Auditing) at KPMG Sri Lanka.
-Carried responsibilities as both business analyst and a quality assurancer.
-Analyzed CRM, leasing and Loans modules in two core-banking systems
(one internationally recognized) belong to two leading financial companies in Sri Lanka.
-Analyzed a Supply Chain Management system (online) belongs to a foreign client.
-Analyzed an e-money module belongs to a leading telecommunication company in the country.
-Final document composition of seven engagements done by the ITA team;includes five financial companies,one Telecommunication Company,and one company from the auto mobile industry.

Possess training as a School leaver after GCE Advance Level:
-3 months at Peoples Bank, Madawachchiya Super grade Branch.
-6 month at National Savings Bank, Postal Branch of Anuradhapura

Final Year Project

Biostatic approach to diagnose diseases automatically, using computational ‘Nadi’ patterns

A research done to identify the 3 main pulse compositions Wata, Pita and Kapa) in the human body according to the Ayurvedic traditional medicine and to identify the relationships and combinations of the pulse patterns that lead towards non-communicable diseases (NCD).
The main goal is to introduce a mechanism to diagnose NCDs at the early stages with least side effects to the human body.

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