Prabhavi Siriwardhana

I am a self-driven, highly motivated person who is very keen to work in dynamic environment, bare to take any challenge, a fast leaner and a good team player with the ability to take responsibilities.

Course: SE

Interests: Software Engineering, Programming, Web developing, Image Processing, Music, Cookery

Technical Skills: C#, ASP.NET, Python, PHP, Java, C ,C++ , JavaEE, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Maven, SpringMVC, Joomla, Bootstrap, Trello, OpenCV

Project Experience

Payment Inquiry System (PIS) – CEB Intern
Currently used in CEB head office to clear suspense payments. (.NET, Informix, IIS server, Visual Studio)

Balance Score Card data Collection (BSC Collect) – CEB Intern
Maintain BSC Collect system for testing. (JavaEE, Maven, Spring, NetBeans, MySQL)

Online Hotel Reservation and Management System (OHRMS)
A web based system for small and medium hotels in Sri Lanka for room reservation and reservation management. 2nd year group project. (PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS)

Work Experience

Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) – Software Engineer Intern – From September 2016 to February 2016

Achievements | Awards

  • 2016 Hackaholics Women’s only Hackathon 12 Hours coding competition UCSC
  • 2015-2016 Former Member of Design team WIE Student Affinity Group UCSC
  • 2015 IEEE Xtreme programming 9.0, iHack 2015 24 Hour Development Hackathon competition UCSC

Final Year Project

Ontology Based Test Case Generation Framework

This is a product based software engineering project which will be developed along with a research phase with the intention of automatically generating positive test cases for functional requirements using user stories. The research is based on developing an ontology and converting user stories which are in natural language to a canonical form. The objective of this project is to reduce the effort of QA engineers.
Technologies used: Modified Scrum, OWL, RDF, JavaEE, Maven, Spring MVC, Apache Jena, Stanford NLP, MySQL, Hibernate, Trello