Pramodi De Silva

I'm willing to work in a challenging environment which deals with work of understanding the business, assessing the impact of changes and supporting the communication and delivery of requirements.

Email: rukshidesilva90@gmail.com 
Phone: 0714202940
Course: IS

Interests: BA, ERP, Project Management, Marketing and Management,Big Data, Data Analytics

Technical Skills: Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Oracle, BPM tools, Topdesk ITSM tool, WordPress

Project Experience

Logistic Information Management System (LIMS), eBuilder Technology Center | Aug. 2017 – Jan. 2018.
eB LIMS is a system which manages and integrates logistic data between its client and transport partners.
Order Fulfillment Accelerator (OFA) System, eBuilder Technology Center | Aug. 2017 – Jan. 2018.
OFA is the application developed by eBuilder for logistic handling operations of its client.
Q&A Forum Site for Sri Lankan School Programmers – 2017
This project is developed using Q2A Framework to provide a user-friendly platform for school
programmers to engage and discuss programming and subject related concerns.
Inventory Management System – 2016
This is a web-based inventory management system which offers inventory management, supplier
management, end-user management and reporting functions.

Work Experience

Application support Intern at eBuilder Technology Center | Aug. 2017 – Jan.2018

Achievements | Awards

• Certificate Level in CIMA – 2015
• Certified in English Language course at Intermediate level with British Council Sri Lanka – 2010.
• First place in the Intra School Science Exhibition organized by Science Society Ananda Balika Vidyalaya
Colombo 10, 2010.

Final Year Project

Impact of student interactions on their performance in the Online Learning Environment:

4th Year Research is designed as a case study of BIT external degree Program offered by UCSC. The main goal of the research is to analyse the impact of student interactions in online discussion forums on their academic achievement. Through the findings of the research it is expected to enhance the collaborative environment of online learning platforms and to find proper evaluation techniques to evaluate students’ engagement in the online learning environment. This research is followed by a data-driven approach whereas data extraction (e.g. MySQL), visualization (e.g. Gephi) and advanced analytical techniques and tools (e.g. SPSS, WEKA) are planned to use in order to enhance the accuracy of the results and calibre of the study.