Pushpika Wanniachchi

I’m an adaptable and self-motivated person who is like to learn trending technologies which are related to my interest domains and contribute to the development through best of my abilities

Email: pushpika.ucsc@gmail.com
Course: SE

Interests: Algorithm & problem solving,Mobile app development,music

Technical Skills: Java(SE) , Python, C , PHP, JavaScript, React native, Redux, Yarn, Ionic, Matlab, MySql, Firebase, Sqlite, Git

Project Experience

EMReader (Partial Automation of Electricity System in Sri Lanka)
Developed a system that helps users to calculate their own bills for the current electricity usage. This system core is based on image recognition concepts. Technology Stack: Java, PHP, Android (native), Matlab, SQLite

Programming training android application
Developed an Android application to improve programming syntactically knowledge for beginners.
Technology Stack: Java, Android (native), SQLite

Social android application for ISACA student group in UCSC
Developed an Android application using ionic framework to communicate society members, post events and with other functionalities. Technology Stack: Java, PHP, JavaScript, Android (ionic framework), MySql

Voice Based Forum for the Visually Impaired Community in Sri Lanka Using Smart Mobile Devices
Technology Stack: Java, Android(native), MySql Technology Stack: Java, Android(native), MySql

Work Experience

thinkCube Systems Pvt Ltd – work as a trainee software engineer at internship. I worked under the mobile application development unit and contributed to develop a react native base auctioning mobile application.
Technology Stack : React native, Redux, JavaScript, Yarn

Achievements | Awards

  • Participated in Aces coders at University of Peradeniya and won 8th place
  • Participated in LAN Hack final round (2016)
  • Participated in IEEExtreme 8.0 (2014) and 9.0 (2015)

Final Year Project

Automatic accompaniment music generation for vocal melodies and singing skill evaluation

Software product which captures a vocal melody and provides a backing track for that recorded melody with percussion, piano, guitar chords and other instruments. It provides singing skill evaluation result according to tempo and pitch of recorded vocal melody.