Rikas Ahamed

I am a smart working, enthusiastic, energetic and motivated team player with creativity and strategic skills including leadership. I love to learn new technologies and flexible to adopt to the changes happen in the industry as I love challenges. I am seeking to serve the organization in a better way with responsibility. I am always interested in taking challenges to developing my skills and getting experience by a better exposure in the work environment.

Email: ahamedrikast@gmail.com
Phone: 0756855515
Course: IS

Interests:Badminton, Tennis, Reading, Tech talks and gadgets, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Digital Banking and Finance, Enterprise applications, Programming and R&D.

Technical Skills: Java, C, C#, ASP.Net, Telerik UI Tool, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Python Flask, MS SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Oracle SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, R, MATLAB/Octave, MongoDB, Web API, Android, IOS, Linux, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Git & GitHub

Project Experience

Startup – Lankaguru.com
I am the co-founder or this website project which facilitates and provide the video tutorials with relevant learning material for AL/ students. Derived a better way to do online tutorials using WordPress. Captured the suitable related technologies after many experiments
Business Management System
This is a centralized web-based system that integrates all the outlets and the CEO in order to make the internal business activities transparent and the needed and updated information available at any time. Roles: Both Front-end and Back-end
E-commerce Web Application-Individual Project
This project was carried out for customers to ease purchasing products and services online via this platform.
E-financials offer organizations all the information and IT systems they need to take reign the financial beast and enter volatile markets with confidence. Backed by their advanced algorithms, eFinancials is capable of comprehensively and securely handling confidential documents and critical information with ease and total security. Itis rapidly emerging as a dominant force in the market having surpassed many industry veterans the most reliable finance sector focused application to hit the market. (Clients- Nations Trust Bank, Nations Development Bank)
Research and Development on Client-side Direct Printing
I did a research on getting Real Hardware printers in to the system which facilitates direct printing. I tried out many methods to do. I studied the properties of printers and found a method to filter out the real printers from software printers such as Fax, Print to PDF, Print to XPS viewer etc. I did a research on directly printing an SSRS Server Report to a printer without showing the report to the user for security reasons. I studied and tested several printing methods and found an optimized solution. Found solution to encode the report perfectly. I handled methods to print SSRS Server Reports in custom user defined sizes, margin and quality.

Work Experience

• Co-Founder of Lankaguru.com – (1 Year)
• Software Engineer Intern at Scienter Technologies PTE – (6 Months)

Achievements | Awards

• Provincial Level Mathematics Day 2008 – 1st Runner-up.
• British Council Sri Lanka (2011): English for Adults-Intermediate Level
• Future Leaders (2014): Twenty days of Leadership Training Program by Ministry of Education – Shiksha Navy Camp, Medawachchiya.
• IEEE Extreme 10.0 – 2016.
• Stat Day 2017 by Stat Circle, Faculty of Science, University of Colombo – 2nd Runners-up.
• Java Application Development Using JavaSE (2017): Object Oriented concepts, I/O mechanisms, Threads and Multi-threading, Database Connectivity etc.
• Graduated from Faculty of Science, University of Colombo – B.Sc. in Financial Engineering – 2018

Final Year Project

Enhance the Loyalty, Trust and Satisfaction in E Commerce Platforms in Sri Lanka

• Managing customer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty attitudes of e-commerce services is very important for the long-term growth of many businesses. The focus of this research is to develop a framework by identifying the factors that influence the extent to which Sri Lankan consumers’ trust, satisfaction and loyalty towards B2C e-commerce. This research seeks to fill this gap by proposing a theoretical model for the formation of trust, satisfaction and loyalty in customer-business relationships. The framework developed in this study provides valuable information for researchers and practitioners, and serves as a conceptual foundation for future research in e-commerce in Sri Lanka. This study is an in-depth analysis of the factors that influence customer experience in e-commerce which may add value to trust, satisfaction and loyalty. A structured self-administered questionnaire survey is to be conducted among B2C e-commerce customers in the Sri Lanka. Also using the results, a system prototype will be developed and the results are validated.