Sahani Perera

I am an energetic, efficient, ambitious, and creative person who has developed a responsible approach to any challenging task that I undertake. I am always interested in developing my skills and learning new things.

Email: sahanimadushi@gmail.com  
Phone: 0767002904
Course: CS

Interests: Reading, piano playing, Badminton

Technical Skills: Java|Python|Laravel|PHP|MySQL|PostgreSQL

Project Experience

KPMG – Registrar of Companies web based system
A system for registrar of companies to automate the company registration process.
Contribution – back end development, designing forms, handling the database
Technologies and Tools – Laravel, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL,Postman, Bugzilla, HeidiSQL, Source Tree

Application to communicate between patient, doctor and laboratory. This was done as the second year group project.
Contribution – Gathered and analyzed requirements from Doctors and Laboratories,Registration Process, creating interfaces and managing the Laboratory side of the application
Technologies and Tools – Android, Senz-switch, MongoDB, bitBucket

Web based system for a school
Web site, a web platform to register students online and learning management system for students in that school.
Contribution – Developing the front end of the web, connecting the database to the front end, creating registration forms and processes.
Technologies and Tools – HTML, CSS, Java Script, MySQL, GitHub

A Machine learning approach to predict survival on Titanic using binary classification, Python and R.

Work Experience

• KPMG – Software Engineer(Intern)

Achievements | Awards

• Table Tennis-Inter Faculty Freshers(3rd place), Inter Faculty 2016(2nd place), Inter Faculty 2017(2nd place)
• IEEEXtream 2016- Participation
• SHECODERess- Participation
• Oration(By gavel club)- Participation

Final Year Project

Transformation of financial contracts to smart contracts

Developing a compiler to effectively transform financial contracts written in Peyton Jones’ contract descriptive language to Byte code. The main aim is to facilitate autonomous execution of financial contracts while optimizing the previous attempts. The timeliness of this research is 01 year.