Sanduni Thrimahavithana

Enthusiastic and energetic individual with hardworking ability. Team Player. Fast Learner. Independent in individual work. Prefer Volunteering, Public Speaking and Writing.

Email: ssthrima@gmail.com
Phone: 0719219254
Course: IS

Interests: System Analysis, Business Process Management, IT Project Management, Content Writing, Reading, Verse Composition, Volunteering, Compering

Technical Skills: SRS Preparation, UML, MS Visio, Bizagi, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL

Project Experience

Health Care Facility Management System with a Website for E-channeling
Integrated Portal for Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Pharmacists and Lab technicians to handle hospital tasks.
Reengineering the Department of Registration of People – One day service
Business Process Reengineering of the current procedure of obtaining the National Identity Card of Sri Lankans.
E Learning Environment for Social Media Security
A platform designed as an E Learning course for anyone to learn about social media security.

Work Experience

Trainee Business Analyst (Aug 2017 – Feb 2018), IT Systems Development Department , Sampath Bank PLC

Achievements | Awards

  • Current GPA – 3.57
  • Distinction Pass – Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management – Managerial Level
  • 03rd Place – Mozilla Localization Sprint organized by UCSC Mozilla Club (2016)
  • First place – Annual English Day Competitions in Impromptu Speech – District Level (2011)
  • First place – Annual Tamil Language Day Competitions in Tamil Writing – District Level (2005)
  • School Prize – Ordinary Level English (2009)
  • School Senior Prefect (2011)

Final Year Project

Empowering the Text based Understandability of Students with Hearing Impairments

The research targets on improving the text based understadability of students with hearing impairments using a computational solution. For the purpose, the previously developed Sign Language Translator Application is used and it is modified using Natural Language Parsing Techniques for Sinhala Language where a Sign language avatar based interpretation is output when a certain Sinhala Text is given as the input. Specifically focuses on the examinations context.