Sanjeewa Ranasinghe

E-mail: | phone: +94713504847 | Course: CS

I am an enthusiastic Computer Science undergraduate who has a strong programming knowledge and believe in hardworking in order to overcome challenges in the industry. I am eager to learn latest trends in computer science and do experiments with the new technologies.

Interests: Programming, Researching, Watching Documentaries, Playing Guitar, Playing Chess

Project Experience

PCAP Analyzer Tool
Analyze Pcap files and provide Delay Analysis – calculate the latency between NATIVE (input to the Exchange Product) and ITCH (corresponding market data output) messages, Message Conversion – convert NATIVE, FIX, ITCH messages to human readable form. Technologies : C/C++, PCAP & Pugixml libraries, MIT specific libraries

HDiff Tool
Takes folder paths between releases as input and output the Access modifier changes, Modifier changes, Return type changes, Parameter changes of header files between releases.

Work Experience

Work Place: a During the six month of internship as a trainee Software Engineer I developed tools for inhouse use to assist the analysis of the functionality of MillenniumIT Exchange Product and day to day software development work. I gained knowledge and experience on stock exchange operation and how to work in a team environment.

Achievements | Awards

• IEEE EXTREM Country Rank 56
• Scouting President’s award

Final Year Project

Defining An Algorithm to Identify Overhangs in 3D Objects in 3D Printing.

Objects with overhangs cannot be successfully printed by the Fused Deposition Model 3D printers. In the final year research I define an algorithm to identify the overhangs in 3D objects.
Technologies used:-Slic3r, Java SE

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