Sanju Maheeshan

A motivated software engineering undergraduate who is enthusiastically engaging in the field of computer science. And an adaptable experienced team player who are looking for opportunities to build an experienced career in the software engineering industry

Email: s.maheeshan@gmail.com  
Phone: 07711109703
Course: SE

Interests:Advanced Web developments, Computer vision, Data analytics, DevOps

Technical Skills: Java, Spring, C/C++, Python, PHP, DB modelling, OOP, Arduino

Project Experience

Room access control and reservation system
2017/03 – 2017/09
• Web application embedded with Arduino device for room access
control and reservation in UCSC Electronic lab.
• Requirement gathering and analysis.
• Develop the administrator’s functionalities in the website.
• Convert the RFID in-built functionalities into the system.
• Developed using PHP ,Codeigniter, C.
Web application for Kumarasiri Driving Training School
2017/08 – 2017/10
• Web site – back end development
• Developed using PHP Codeigniter
Hospital Management System
2016/07 – 2017/08
• Simple Java standalone software application
• Front end design
• Database connectivity
• Developed using Java Netbeans IDE
Library Management System
2018/02 – 2018/05
• Library books and member management system
• Developed using NodeJS, Angular6, Mongodb

Work Experience

Internship – VitalHub Innovations Lab Colombo Sri Lanka
B-Care product development
Web application which addresses the documentation, assessment, case management and administrative needs of healthcare and community mental health provider organizations
• developed using JAVA EE
• Back-end implementations using spring framework
• UI development Bootstrap, HTML, SCSS
• Database – Sql
TREAT product development
Web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) and care coordination platform designed for providers of behavioural health and community based services
• JAVA Web application
• UI development HTML, CSS
• Database – Sql

Achievements | Awards

• Selected to Best 8 projects in UCSC 2nd year group project – Room access control and reservation system
• First eleven player of Mahinda College football team (2008 – 2014)
• Player of the football team of University of Colombo (2016 – 2017)
• Guitar player of Reidz music band Won third place at ’Resonance’ band competition held by LEO Club University of Colombo

Final Year Project

Towards a Framework for a Tea-plucking drone: a Tea-leaf Classifier

• Automate the process of tea plucking using drones
• Tea buds identification and classification using computer vision and convolutional neural network
• developing a generic framework for integration of classifiers and path planning algorithms
• Developing using TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV with python