SimCentric Technologies is an R&D company specializing in advanced simulation add-ons and behavior control modules. We specialize on the bottom-up development of novel and innovative products. Our product range can be divided into three categories called Simulation Development Tools, Specialized simulation based training tools and Pattern of Life Generation Tools.

We maintain a strong research and development focus in all of our activities. We are constantly working to maintain a position at the cutting edge of relevant technologies. A core team of highly qualified PhDs is used to distill the mathematical and scientific fundamentals inherent to each real-world problem. We pride ourselves on offering low cost solutions to our clients, by leveraging disruptive technologies that can be easily adapted to their specific needs.

We have staff strength in excess of 100 employees. Our development team consists of carefully selected candidates from the best universities in Sri Lanka. SimCentric Technologies is on the continuous lookout for highly talented programmers. Our emphasis on personnel development, rapid advancement, a comfortable work and enabling of challenging work has resulted in a tightly cohesive team which has produced some of the best software presently available within the simulations market.