Sisira Jayawardena

“An enthusiastic undergraduate with a passion to achieve the best possible outcome in every task involved in. As a hardworking and motivated person who has the ability to balance multiple priorities, I will be able to contribute to the better progress of the organization.”

Email: sizijay@icloud.com
Phone: 0719779339
Course: CS

Interests:Security, Forensics, Research, Machine Learning, Operating Systems, Music, Carrom

Technical Skills: Python, Java, PHP, C, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux, Git, Docker, CodeIgniter, Laravel, HTML, CSS, Shell Scripting, BootStrap, WordPress, Xampp/Wamp/Mamp, Adobe Photoshop, Octave, Mobile Forensics

Project Experience

UoC Location Based Services Platform – 2017
A Platform built on top of Google Maps API which facilitates customized mapping and directing specially for the places where the paths are not defined.
JavaScript | PHP | CodeIgniter | Google Maps API | Java | AWS

Online Physical Trainer – 2017
An online physical trainer system for University of Colombo Department of Physical Education where the user can be his/her own trainer and all the required exercises are offered in due time by the system.
PHP | CodeIgniter | BootStrap | AWS

OpenMF – 2018
An open source Mobile Forensics investigation tool for android platform.
Bash | Android

TORY 1.0 – 2017
An obstacle avoiding Robot for the SLIIT RoboFest 2017 competition.

Hospital Management System – 2017
Stand-alone Java Application for managing Patients, Doctors, etc.

Korea Time Bot – 2019
A Bot to display time in Seoul, Korea on Discord Channel.

Work Experience

Physical Laboratory Technician
• At BAM Knitting (Pvt) Ltd., MAS Fabric Park, Thulhiriya.
Sep 2013 – Mar 2014

Achievements | Awards

IEEEXtreme 11.0 – Autobots
Island Rank – 150.
Active Membership
IEEE, CSSL, UCSC Exploration Club, UCSC Mozilla Club, UCSC IEEE Students’ Branch, Pahasara UCSC Students’ Blog.
Colours Awards Ceremony of Sri Lanka Universities Sports Association 2018
Awarded SLUSA Colours.
Colours Awards Ceremony of University of Colombo 2016/2017/2018
Awarded University Colours.
UoC Carrom Team
4 Years of Contribution, Vice-Captain in 2018, Captain in 2019.
Inter University Games 2018, Carrom – 2nd Runners Up.
Colours Awards Ceremony of Maliyadeva College 2011,2012
Awarded Best Flutist award, Awarded School Colours.

Final Year Project

Re-Configurable Vulnerability Discovery

• CVE database is considered the yardstick against with every system should be tested to make sure the system is safe. So, tools have been developed based on the content of the CVE database. But these tools take a significant time to update themselves to match up with the latest CVE content. So, it is hard to update the tools to meet up with the updates on this CVE database. Therefore most of the security testing tools either run on outdated set of vulnerabilities. This research focuses on a way to reduce the time needed for vulnerability discovery through a modularization approach applied to currently developed exploits to build newer exploits at a low cost.