Steffan Devotta

A highly motivated and dedicated undergraduate with a passion for strategic planning in a business perspective and developing innovative programs that expedite the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational success. Experienced skilled leader who has the proven ability to motivate and manage a team of professionals. A confident communicator,strategic thinker and an innovative creator .

Email: steffidevo@gmail.com
Phone: 0768724455
Course: SE

Interests:An outgoing naturalist who loves to spend time with nature.| Night Camping | Trekking & Travelling | Deep sea diving & Snorkeling | Guitar Playing & Singing


Project Experience

|Automating the minute generating process of the IUD Board Meeting and providing an online portal to cater the functionalities expected by the members of the UCSC Board of Studies- IUD.
-Contributed as a Front-End Developer while getting the exposure to work with team collaboration.
-( CSS , JS , PHP ,MYSQL )
|Automating the customized physical training procedure schedules for the members of the University Gymansium and providing with nutrition plans for the users of the Gymnasium-University of Colombo
-Contributed as a Front-End Developer
-( CSS , JS , PHP ,AWS )
|An Online Library Management System for the UCSC.
-Contributing as a Full-Stack Developer
|Awareness Sessions carried out for the Emotionally ill street children in corporation with “Shanthi Maargam” charitable organization.

Work Experience

Virtusa Pvt Ltd
• Software Engineering Intern.
• Violation Fixing
Tool – Insight Live Analyzer
• Bug Reporting & Fixing
Automation Studio
• Component Implementation – Full Stack
JAVA FX ,Angular 6 , XML , Velocity
REST/SOAP Services
Jenkins , SonarQube , Scene Builder , SourceTree
• Unit Testing
• Knowledge Transfer Sessions
• Support Sessions
• Research and Development
Code Editor Component – NLP , Intellisense

Achievements | Awards

• UCSC Achievements Honorary Award |2016
• UOC Freshers’ Champions |2016
• UOC Inter Faculty Runners-up |2016
• UOC Inter Faculty Runners-up |2017
• Most Outstanding Student Award |2014
St.Aloysius’ College

Final Year Project

Towards a framework for a Tea Plucking Drone: A Tea Leaf Classifier.

• Tea is undoubtedly the most important cash crop in Sri Lanka, grown in climatically restricted geographic areas. According to the Central Bank statistics exporting the finest of Sri Lankan tea is one of the main sources of foreign income for Sri Lanka which accounts for 2% of the total GDP, contributing over US $1.5 Billion to the economy as in 2013. Moreover tea plantation in Sri Lanka expands over 700 square miles which directly and indirectly requires more than 1 million employees but barely meets it because of the drastic decline of the labour force in Sri Lanka.
As a timely solution for this problem which has a great impact towards the Sri Lankan economy, this project focuses on automating the process of tea plucking through a concept of a drone with a robotic arm which plucks tea leaves which will aid the growth of tea industry.This particular customized drone is supposed to reach the tea plant in the estate, pluck the two tender leaves and the bud,collect them as the harvest and fly back with an approximate 10kg box of harvested tea leaves. The project is scoped-in such that the focus is only to develop only the tea leaf classifier and the extensible framework that will accommodate integration of path-planning and robot-arm for plucking tea leaves as future works.