Sumudu Hansani Nissanka

As a self-motivated undergraduate student in Computer Science, I passion for learning new technologies. In addition to I suppose to improve my skills, qualifications, gain knowledge and experience in order to develop my career step as a good professional while contributing the betterment of the society.

Email: sumudunissanke@gmail.com  
Phone: 0717896343
Course: CS

Interests:Blogging , Machine Learning ,Volunteering

Technical Skills: Python, Java, HTML, Bootstrap, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Windows, Linux, Nginx, Icinga

Project Experience

(Intern project-individual 2018) Auto healing system for monitoring alerts
Auto-healing monitoring alert system is automating the handle the solution for specific server errors without involving the team members’ support. Used Icinga 2, Capistrano 03 and python for implementing this.
(Intern project-individual 2018) Getting AWS instances run time report view for team
The main aim of this project is getting running time of instance in auto scaling group. Used python, Amazon web services, boto 03 for implementing the system.
(Intern project-individual 2018) On-call web dashboard
Main aim of this project is to showing on-call members to the team through web dashboard with the login. Used Pagerduty version 02, Bootstrap, HTML and JavaScript for implementing.
(Group project 2017) Platelet Donor Management System[PDMS]
PDMS was done with Regional Blood Bank in Apeksha Hospital Maharagama. The aim of this project is implementing all the activities of the hospital in a computerized automated way to fasten the performance. Used Codeigniter, Javascript(Ajax), Git , MySQL and Bootstrap for implement the project
(Individual 2018) Lab Reservation System for UCSC
Lab reservation system for reserving computer lab for according to the time slot. This implemented using Mongo db, Angular 06 and Nodejs. All CRUD concept is applied here.
(Individual 2017) Hospital Management System
This is an individual project which is implemented using Java SE. The aim of this project is to maintain the manual function in the hospitals in automated way.
(Individual 2019) Simple Web Server
The aim of this project is to create a simple web server which including feature of HTML GET request , response, error handling and serving file types with zero copy optimization using C language.
The aim of this project is to create a website for publishing event and other related details of IEEE student branch in UCSC. Used Nodejs, Express js, MySQL and MD Bootstrap for implementing this.

Work Experience

DevOps Intern at WSO2 Lanka (PVT) LTD-(August 2018 – February 2019)
Engaged with the three projects and two subtasks for the DevOps team during the internship time.
• Auto healing system for monitoring alerts
• Getting AWS instances run time report view for team
• On-call web dashboard
• Status update python script version 02 for MC team
• Nginx health checks and their use in Public Cloud

Achievements | Awards

• Nominated for top five of the UCSC Industrial Placement Award-2018/2019
• 1st runners up for hackaholics 2.0 organized by IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group of UCSC.
• Finalist of CloudHack’17 organized by the IEEE Student branch of UCSC
• Semi Finalist in HacKLN 2017 organized by the Department of Statistics & Computer Science , University of Kelaniya.

Final Year Project

Exploring Neural Machine Translation (NMT) for Sinhala and Tamil language pair.

• This research aims to implement the translation between Sinhala and Tamil Language pair using deep learning techniques.
• While popular Languages in European have achieved high accuracy in the translation using parallel corpus but the Sinhala and Tamil languages have a limited amount of parallel corpus data and open domain Sinhala -Tamil translation using NMT in the early stage. Our attempt to address the research problem using publically available monolingual corpora data. (Python, OpenNMT, Pytorch, Keras)