Tharinda Karunarathne

I’m a creative, adaptable undergraduate that likes simplicity in design and solutions. I enjoy doing teamwork and collaborating with others. I’m a fast learner with great attention to detail that is focused on developing secure and dependable software solutions.

Email: katharinda@gmail.com
Phone: 071 969 0609
Course: CS

Interests: Financial Applications, HCI, Embedded Systems, Biomedical Signal Processing, Real-time Processing, Music, DIY Projects

Technical Skills:  J2SE, J2EE (with EJB & JPA), J2EE Frameworks, C/C++, MATLAB, Python, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP

Project Experience

Online Web Card Issuance Through Sampath Vishwa – A new Product added to Sampath Vishwa Retail (Online Banking solution offered by Sampath Bank) which issues the customers a Virtual Web Card without the need of visiting a Sampath Bank branch. (Java EE, IBM Websphere Server, Oracle Database)
Sampath Vishwa Retail and Sampath Vishwa Corporate Trilingual implementation – Sampath Vishwa Tri Lingual Implementation makes Sampath Vishwa available to the customers in all three languages; English, Sinhala and Tamil. (Developed using Bhasha.lk API)

Sampath Bank Integration with Lanka Government Payment Service (LGPS) –
LGPS Enables citizens to make payments for government related services. The LGPS Portal connects the Sampath Bank’s payment services to the LGPS. (Developed using Java EE, Oracle Weblogic Server, Oracle Database)
Smart RMS – Restaurant Management System with web system and Android app that handles food ordering, automated billing, stock level estimation, table reservations and data analysis. Developed for Maharaja Palace Colombo restaurant. (Java EE with MVC and frameworks)
VIPinfo – Mobile app and system that gives information about places named after famous people (IONIC, Java)
Tic Tac – A “Tic Tac Toe” game with logical AI that is playable Human vs. Computer (Java with Swing GUI)
Invest Game – A stock market simulation and investment game that involves buying and selling stocks for a profit (Java with Swing GUI)

Work Experience

Internship – Software Engineering Intern at Sampath Bank PLC – August 2017 – February 2018 (6 months)

Achievements | Awards

Published Conference Paper – Karunarathne, K.A.T.A., Ekanayake, H.E.M.H.B. (2018) Controlling Home Appliances through Thought Commands. International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer 2018)
Participated in IEEEXtreme – 24-Hour Programming Competition IEEEXtreme 10.0 (2016) – National Top 100

Final Year Project

Controlling Home Appliances through Thought Commands

Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) can be used to convey the intentions of a user to an external device via brain signals (commonly using EEG) without the need of muscular movement. This research has proposed, implemented and tested with good results, a new method of BCI which allows hands-free control a smart home environment more intuitively and with less fatigue than the currently existing methods. The method uses the P300 Event Related Potential (ERP) generated by the brain, to detect and classify the user’s intentions into control commands. The system consists of a real-time application which synchronizes the visual stimulus generation by a microcontroller with microseconds precision and involves EEG signal processing.