Thashira Heshan

Self-motivated individual with the ability to work well with a diverse team. Knowledge seeker, sharer and a fast learner.

Email: thashira.bate@gmail.com
Phone: 0714069432
Course: CS

Interests: Natural Language Processing, Algorithms, Machine Learning & Neural Networks, Reading, Music

Technical Skills:  JavaEE, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, Neo4j, JavaSE, Python, Racket, R, TensorFlow, Octave, Matlab, NLTK, Redis, C

Project Experience

  • Business Rule Engine
    A server side module that was used to provide Automation within Salpo CRM with the use of
    predefined triggers and assigned actions.
  • Vehicle and Transport Management System
    A web based system developed to be used by the staff of UCSC for reserving UCSC owned vehicles for official use and by the administration staff to manage vehicles increasing the effective usage.
  • Photographer Reservation and Management System
    A web based system facilitating the collaboration of registered photographers and clients.

Work Experience

  • Software Engineer (Intern) – Salpo Technologies Ltd. | August 2017 – January 2018

Achievements | Awards

  • Vice President – UCSC ACM Student Chapter (2017)
  • Events Lead – UCSC Mozilla Club (2017)
  • Firefox Student Ambassador 2017
  • IEEEXtreme 9.0 – Country Rank 82
  • IEEEXtreme 11.0 – Country Rank 55

Final Year Project

Automated Title Generation in Sinhala Language

A title is a compact representation of what is included in a document which helps a reader to get an idea
without going through the whole text. Yet there are many instances where titles assigned to text are
misleading, which removes the basic value of title itself. If there is a predefined representation to a title, this ambiguity can be overcome and can be used as an indexing mechanism as well. Still this task is not tried for Sinhala Language. In this research it is attempted to fill this gap by providing a method of assigning an acceptable title for Sinhala language text.